Life has always been a mystery, when attempted to be defined in its true accuracy.  It throws you in turmoil more often than not just to test your spirit. Sometimes it amazes you how strong your spirit can be, how it has the power to give you hope,  to break chains, and push beyond the limits that you thought would break you down. Yet, there are times when you feel confused, stuck or even lost.  At these times, you find yourself knee-down in search for answers to how you should have done things differently and how you should be thinking.

Many great men and women guide themselves through “higher thought” or what you could call – understanding how the universe works, how cause leads to effect, and which actions leads to which manifestations. This level of spiritual enlightenment allows you to think effectively, keeping you focused during the low points of life and on track to success.

Although it is easier said than done, the path to inner enlightenment is through knowing who you are, what you are, and your relation to everything around you. What you are is simple, it is the absolute truth – we are nothing more than the existence of the purest essence of energy bound into the play of life.

Understanding who you are can be tricky, as the normal tendency is to ignore it. We all have a path to walk, lessons to learn and to our oblivious mind, a destiny to fulfill. How our destiny perfectly fits into the puzzle of others’ lives is still a mystery but the butter-fly effect it leaves is our relationship to the world.

Lets say, the ultimate goal of your life is to attain Nirvana through the renouncement of our Samsaric self. This level of consciousness can be attained through understanding yourself and the spiritual forces that are at play around you.

There are various tools that offer inner guidance into the purpose of our lives, that help us understand more about our destiny, choices, struggles and gifts. Tarots, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry are some of those tools. Writing is another tool that taps into our soul’s window and expresses our inner light. 

In an intuitive attempt to spread awareness, share knowledge and offer guidance this website was created.


You are welcome to explore the website.


The Today’s Tarot section offers daily insight into the of nature the day. The advice provided will help you find valuable perspective on how to tailor your day. Awareness is an essential key to our spiritual well-being.

The Gemology Notes section offers notes on various gemstones, their metaphysical properties and associations. The specialty of this section is the personal insight I offer from my experiences on how to use them for your spiritual journey.

The Poetry section offers my guests to contribute to the wonderful art of opening our inner-self to creation. I welcome all my guests to express their inner feelings through the ornamentation of words in any form you may choose. Its a platform of sharing wisdom through our creative minds.

Meetups encourage an aura of sharing and caring. Keep an eye open for upcoming casual meetings in the New Jersey and New York area.


I also offer one-on-one guidance through the art of tarots, palmistry, astrology and numerology over the phone, through email and in person.



May the knowledge you seek be found.

– Be Blessed