Thursday, 31st July 2014: THREE OF STAVES


Today you become a visionary. All those scattered thoughts that have been demanding your attention come to ease, as you seek to explore opportunities beyond your limits. Your dreams will manifest into a realistic plot, and your intuition will foresee its outcome. Today you take a step forward in analyzing how you are going to achieve, what you have so patiently waited for. You will be determined to lead yourself and others to explore new ideas or directions. So, do not overwhelm yourself with your daily demands.

It is a good day to follow your heart

Advice: Take a step back and see the big picture of how your objectives fall in respect with your overall goal. Do not rush into immediate demands. Your intuitions are with you today, use them to foresee opportunities or obstacles. It is a good day to plan/initiate projects that allow yourself or work to expand. You are a natural leader today – Take Control.


Wed, 30th July 2014: FOUR OF PENTACLES


Reversed Four of Pentacles

Reversed Four of Pentacles

Today we strive to be in control of our possessions. We build up walls around us, just to ensure we are safeguarded from any idea that might divert us from our path. A predominant sense of holding on to what we have with dear life and blinding ourselves to any new opportunities that expresses change, exists today. We try so hard to stay the same and refuse change that we forgot the ultimate constant in life is “change”.

Today you may feel that your fear of loss limits you from thinking out of the box. You will be in a predisposition to reject any new ideas that come your way. In times of chaos it is good to be in control, manage the situation with a strong grip but don’t let yourself get carried away in the moment.

Advice: The fear of losing your possessions, control and achievements has made you indifferent to others’ opinions and has even blocked you from moving forward. Allow others to express themselves. You must remember not everything is your control. You might feel overly possessive/jealous today. Do not let your fear limit you.

Remember – We are never the same, everyday we grow a little bit more through our experiences. We are always more than what we were yesterday.

Tuesday 29th July 2014: THREE OF PENTACLES

Revered Three of Pentacles

Revered Three of Pentacles

Establishing financial success is best achieved today through collaboration.

The drawing of a reversed card signifies that today you may feel that you are facing unexpected distractions or obstacles that are delaying your work. Thus, it is best to be focused.
However, it is a good day to ask for help in achieving your goal or working towards a common goal.
You want to concentrate in carefully planning your projects and consider all possibilities.

Advice: Don’t rush into any projects, rather have a planned and prepared approach towards achieving a financial goal today. You are more likely to succeed through teamwork than tackling the world by yourself. Remember – You are likely to be distracted and obstacles may oppose your work. Stay determined.

Monday 28th July 2014 : NINE OF SWORDS


Today is a day where our internal (psychological/mental) contemplation surfaces to the extent where our deepest worries, fears and guilt may pull us down.

We as humans seek stability. Whether it is financial, emotional, mental or social, stability is what assures us a sense of peaceful living. We seek to know everything is going to be alright and when the doubt of uncertainty hits us, we are lost in the million possibilities that can go wrong.

Advice: Turn this day around with a positive approach – Don’t pull yourself down.