Wed, 30th July 2014: FOUR OF PENTACLES


Reversed Four of Pentacles

Reversed Four of Pentacles

Today we strive to be in control of our possessions. We build up walls around us, just to ensure we are safeguarded from any idea that might divert us from our path. A predominant sense of holding on to what we have with dear life and blinding ourselves to any new opportunities that expresses change, exists today. We try so hard to stay the same and refuse change that we forgot the ultimate constant in life is “change”.

Today you may feel that your fear of loss limits you from thinking out of the box. You will be in a predisposition to reject any new ideas that come your way. In times of chaos it is good to be in control, manage the situation with a strong grip but don’t let yourself get carried away in the moment.

Advice: The fear of losing your possessions, control and achievements has made you indifferent to others’ opinions and has even blocked you from moving forward. Allow others to express themselves. You must remember not everything is your control. You might feel overly possessive/jealous today. Do not let your fear limit you.

Remember – We are never the same, everyday we grow a little bit more through our experiences. We are always more than what we were yesterday.


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