Today’s Tarot: FORTUNE


Today is Sunday,  a day ruled by the sun god. This day bestows upon you a firey energy to achieve. You feel driven to do than feel. What is complimenting today, is the Goddess Card Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune. You are blessed by her generosity, she inspires you to open your hands to the gifts of financial abundance, to witness beauty and experience love. You are optimistic today and this is what makes your day spirited with joy and success.


Today’s Tarot: FOUR OF SWORDS

Four of Swords Reversed

Dear Friends,

Today’s card is the Reversed Four of Swords. Have you been dealing with life issues (Financial, Relationship, Loss, Psychological, Career) internally? This card indicates that you have been taking the time to seclude yourself from the world and ponder about your life stresses. If you have managed to work through them, now is the time you have regained your posture,strength and vision. You are ready to get back on your feet and face life with a new start. Though the past may linger, you have contemplated it’s pain and frustration has only held you back. No more will you allow it to stop you from positive change. You  have decided to put your frustrations behind and give it another shot. May I warn you, You may tend to want to chase after your lost time. You may bite off more than you can eat, what I mean to say is – Take one step at a time. I know you do not wish to waste another minute and pursue everything at once. Keep a calm mind.

However, If you have not given yourself the time to heal but have only pushed away your problems deeper into your soul, ignoring its call for resolution, you are clearly running away from your issues. Might I say, this is not a healthy way to deal with stress. Life teaches us to be strong through our hard times, giving up is not an option. Do not lose faith, bottling up with only result in chronic stress, and even insomnia. I know you have been waiting for change, but the time has come for you to become the reason of change. You must take the step internally first, then externally.

In relationships this card signifies the freedom from an abusive or stagnant relationship. You have set yourself free from its chains.

Be Blessed,





Take a deep breath and inhale the energy around you. Today you are blessed by the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati fosters in you a sense of enlightened spiritual awareness. Open your self up to the world around you and knowledge will be gained. You will connect to living and animated both with great intuition and knowledge. Today you will learn beyond face-value and tap into the subconscious of people around you. You will feel self-aware and understanding of your inner needs, this will help you guide your future choices. A sense of past confusion will clear up and you will live in your present self. You mind will be susceptible to understanding the worlds divine creation. Today you see beyond yourself, you see the world, it’s beauty and receive  it’s messages – So stay tuned in. 

Advice: A good day to meditate. Take a walk in the woods. Sit in the park. Feel the breeze of changing seasons. Creativity and intuition is heightened, use it.

Event: Increase your Financial Wealth and Prosperity with Pariangel



Spell of FortuneIMG_6163_edited-s

I am offering you the opportunity to add your name to the “Spell of Fortune” I am casting  with the intention to increasing financial wealth and prosperity in your life.

This spell will be cast every Thursday at the hour of Jupiter.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter: Which attracts increase (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel.

Please leave your name with me.

Be Blessed,

Today’s Tarot: SEVEN OF STAVES

universal-goddess-05378Dear Friends,

When you believe in something you must fight for it no matter what. Today is the day your beliefs will be challenged and your strength will be tested. Today the power is in your hand, you will take charge and assert your will. You may find people who do not agree with you to raise their voices, make sure you let them know you are not being persuaded. You are not changing your mind. Conflicts and competition is likely to arise today, do not hesitate to confront your opponent. It is important for you to defend your ideas and action from others polluting/diluting its purity.

It is the day of no compromise, learn to say “NO”.

Advice: The New Moon in Virgo starts today. It calls for analysis of  your self and life path, specially independent thought and action. The focus is on what you believe and how you polish your path to a healthy and productive life. This card compliments the New Moon and tells you to understand what you believe in and stand by it. Its time to get to work. Do not let self-doubt or fear over come you as your fight progresses – Never back down.


Good Day Friends,


A very interesting combination of cards this morning. The Goddess card Contemplation fell out of the deck so I took it as a message and the card I drew is the Six of Pentacles.

Key Words: Generosity, Employment, Help, Sharing, Inheritance, Allowance, Charity, Teaching and Learning.

The Goddess Tarot Contemplation advises you to contemplate your spiritual growth. To think about how you can better yourself and society around you. The goddess Chang O asks you to be understanding, helping, generous in spreading knowledge, wealth and love. It will bring prosperity to you in return. Karma.

The Six of Pentacles signifies you either being a giver or receiver today or may be both. You will have help and support around you. Friends and family will offer guidance and support in areas you were struggling. Financial gain is coming your way, may be a promotion, inheritance, allowance, a loan approval, a lottery or a job offer. You may be receiving money after a divorce. You may be given good news, gaining important knowledge on a concerned matter.

In relationships, money may be a latent issue. May be you married into money and the balance of money flow is not equal in the relationship, causing a sense of financial inequality in a relationship. This may make you feel below your partner and the negative feelings may cause invisible strains on the relationship. 

Advice: The negative aspect of this reading is that too much financial power on the giving side may exert a dominating personality. The receiver may feel inferior having to accept help. Be aware the intentions of ones generosity. Be in good faith. What goes around comes around.


Be Blessed,


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Today’s Tarot: Goddess of Fortune

Dear Friends,fortune

The card for today is a Revered Goddess of Fortune –  Lakshmi Card, this signifies that today you will not feel financially lucky. You may find obstacles standing in your way to success or sudden change of ideas that leads you to square one again of all the hard work you have put in. You are not appreciated for your efforts, this leaves you feeling pessimistic about the world around you. When there is no profit, It does not necessarily mean you are in loss. 

Today, you may experience sudden changes that may end things that have been blocking your financial growth. There is also a possibility to welcome new opportunities that may open your door to the path of fortune.


Advice: Many things may disappoint you today, don’t lose hope. Life has its ups and downs and today it may seem a bit more down than up. Keep an open mind, if things are not looking promising for you do not invest your time or money in it but do not end things in fear either. 

Today’s Tarot: ACE OF CUPS


Dear Readers,

The pursuit of a happy life is achieved when we are emotionally and mentally balanced. When our emotions weigh us down we tip the scale and fall into living an emotionally unstable life. Boredom, Depression, Loss, Fear, Hopelessness, Repression, Selfishness or even over attachments can tangle us into a web that we feel emotionally constricted in and find it hard to get out. Emotionally you feel exhausted but to not lose trust in tomorrow. Today, whether it is sheer boredom of being stuck at the same point in life or its the pain that has your heart chained to the bottom of the deepest ocean, you are going to acknowledge your obstacles and break free. You are going to set new goals and find new purposes in life. Yes, the negativity of your emotional side will get to you today. You will feel cranky, overwhelmed with emotions, its your bottled up heart breaking free. You might need a shoulder of a true friend today. Try to find a balance because its very important you do not let your weakness be known to the world. The world is beautiful but there are still people out there who might like to take advantage of your situation.

Advice: Try to define what is it that is making you feel this way. Knowing what it is will help you find away to overcome it. Do what you love. Forgive and forget the past, do not let it dominate your today. Find ways to bring change into your life – Create a new path. 

Be Blessed,



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Today’s Tarot: KING OF CUPS



The King of Cups represents today being an emotionally balanced and nurturing day. When facing events or situations you will rule with justice and diplomacy. You will care for both sides and advice according. Your aim is to maintain peace. You do not let your emotions get the better of you neither do you repress your feelings when expressing your point. A very emotionally healthy day for you. Being able to master your emotions has allowed you to judge without bias. You may find yourself in a role where friends and family will look up to your wise decision.

Even if you have worries today, you wont show it. You do not require anyone’s attention, you feel like its your responsibility to care for others today.

Today you may feel like volunteering or donating for a cause. 


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Today’s Tarot: FOUR OF CUPS


The Four of Cups represents that today you are feeling overwhelmed by everything that has been happening in your life. The seven months have been a roller-coaster ride, and you had to hold on really tight to keep things still going. Progress was not one of the strongest aspects in the past months. This is due to a lot of planetary positions that had brought you a fare share of obstacles.You have kept strong so far, planning, organizing, acting and tackles obstacles one after another head on, but your inner-self has had enough with it. Today is the day you take off from being a warrior and indulge in introspection. You may be disinterested in the world around you and to be honest, couldn’t bother less about anyone else but you today. You need to take a break and that is exactly what you will do today. You are in self-absorption mode. You will recluse yourself to meditate on your present situation, may be life has been stale for too long or you are bored with the present arrangement, or your tired from struggling or just feeling exhausted by all the emotional abuse in your life. 

Today’s internal contemplation will help you decide tomorrow. You will come out with a fresh perspective and  clearer vision of what you want from life and where you want it to go.

A negative aspect of this card is that you may detach yourself from people around you, people who truly care about you. In your aim to find meaning in your personal life, you might become selfish towards those you offer their energy for your growth.

Advice: You might feel less motivated and even likely to give up on all this hardship as it seems never-ending. Use this time to think but do not give up. Let your family and friends know you wish to be left alone today, this limits the chances of them misunderstanding your mood. Remember to appreciate the good in your life.

Garnet: Stone of Vitality


I personally love garnet, it gives off a wonderful uplift in your energy. Whenever I wear a garnet, it makes me feel like a queen. I feel powerful, strong, active, and most importantly it boosts my fiery energy. I feel invincible. People who are influenced by the fire element, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius be careful, it sometimes tends to make you aggressive. Too much fire isn’t a good thing either. I have noticed how it does take me overboard sometimes, and I secretly love it. I am a lover of fire and garnet is one of the best stones for perseverance.

Garnet is considered the stone of vitality, It is a FIRE stone. It is a powerful energizer and offers immense physical and mental strength, courage, will power and protection. 

Garnet is worn to boost physical strength, people who do a lot of physical work will find it’s energy beneficial. If you are into sports, this stone will boost your stamina. If you are just studying all night for an exam, this stone will boost your mental strength and will power to see it through the end. Anyone, who feels low on energy, tired or exhausted can use this stone to  aid them in finishing their projects or just getting them through the day.

This stone is a great emotional healer. People who find it hard to let go of their past pain, to overcome obstacles, to forget and forgive their heartache, this stone pulls you out of that state and pushes you towards a positive outlook. I feel garnet is too fiery to let you waste your time and energy like that, it will drive you towards happiness by boosting your inner strength to actually burn the past and focus on the present. 

This stone is associated with our Base/Root Chakra, thus it is a grounding stone. If you feel aloof, overwhelmed by feelings or imagination, confused or unfocused in life, this stone energizes our chakra to bring you practicality, logic and rational in the way you think and make choices. Thus, is also considered a lucky gem for business.

Garnet is also a health healing stone, it works greats in revitalizing our body’s energy. It stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and multiplication, it energizes the libido and assists in cardiac rhythm.

WARNING: DO NOT WEAR GARNET IF YOU HAVE CANCER OR HYPERTENSION. Ladies, I would not suggest wearing it when you are on your period either. This stone promotes the flow of energy, you do not wish to increase blood cell multiplication or aggressive blood flow.



Garnet is ruled by Mars. Loose_Rough_Ruby_Blood_Red_Garnets



Chemical Formula: Depending upon color

Pyrope     Mg3Al2Si3O12
Almandine     Fe3Al2Si3O12
Spessartine     Mn3Al2Si3O12
Andradite     Ca3Fe2Si3O12
Grossular     Ca3Al2Si3O12
Uvarovite     Ca3Cr2Si3O12

Mineral Class: Isomorphous
Crystal System: Isometric
Hardness: 6.5 – 8.0
Location:  Arizona, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania.





Discussion: Do share your personal experiences with this stone. I would love to learn how it has manifested its energy in your life.


Soul Food: The Beauty of Darkness

In Darkness Illuminates the Brightest of Light


The beauty of life is in the strength we possess to wade through the dark times. We curse at it’s arrival and pray for its leave. Yet, we hardly appreciate its presence, the lessons it teaches us, the truth it shows us and its ability to inspire our realization of the delicacy of happiness.

I must say if we never realize what it means to feel hurt, betrayed, loss, exposed, taken advantage of or even depressed; how are we ever going to find bliss in love, care, hope, support, success, and happiness. It is odd to think we deserve to go through hardship, only for life to teach us how to be grateful for the little things that put a smile on our face. I guess, life’s mysterious ways are not taught by parents, peers or school but by our daily encounters that are so perfectly played out. Sometimes, our mind begs us to call it destiny’s web of events. 

Since we learn so much from sorting through chaotic turmoils, most of our lives are filled with ever changing ratios of happiness and sadness. I can not help but wonder, why is it necessary? 

The answer lies in learning the ability to tell the difference between good and bad, and guide our future choices towards harmony. Harmony is the state of mind, the aura we emit despite the hardship life throws at us. Harmony is the light we learn to live in, when times are dark. Darkness is the only key to unlocking our inner strength to fight for happiness. 

Let me tell you, I appreciate the little things in life. I appreciate the gift of the present and I am always grateful for the opportunities and people in my life, who have given me so much to live for. But, with happiness and harmony comes the inevitable fear of uncertainty because you know its not over yet. Life has so much more to offer and you know not everything is going to be rosy. What I personally fear the most, is losing what means the most to me. Yes, dark times have taught me how to recognize reality and be thankful for the love I have in my life but I can not deny the fear it has installed in me. Who knows what I have to lose, to learn my next lesson.