Tarot of the Day: TWO OF SWORDS

Reversed Two of Swords

Reversed Two of Swords


Today your feelings will be challenged to face the truth. Situations may arise where you are put on the spot to express, and your natural response so far has been to avoid the topic but not today. In the past, you choose to live in denial than act upon the matter at hand because you feared you might get hurt, or further problems may arise by having the truth out in the open. This has had you playing it safe with people around you that you have bottled up yourself to the point you are unable to deal with reality.

The reversal of the two of swords indicate that today is the day you take off the blinds. Though it may be hard to accept and express how you feel, specially when a decision is demanded from you, you will find that you have a clearer vision of what has been happening around you all this time.

Advise: You might be forced to decide/act/choose but your mind is still in the process of accepting and realizing all the misconceptions/denials that you have kept yourself in. Your mind is not balanced. Refrain from hasty confrontations, it may lead to aggravation. I suggest let the realization sync in, do not react today.


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