Writing your heart is healing to the soul

Most of the writing I do is in my head. By the time I have found a pen and paper, it has drifted away through time and space. Only a haze of thought and may be a few feelings remain.

When I was young, I used to write diaries. Sometimes, they still take me back in time and the world becomes nostalgic. Often times,  I wonder through a much matured eye, how innocent the world is to a naive heart. A pure heart and a gullible mind can easily fall prey to our world of mischiefs.

You never really understand why you are always battered into conforming to others’ idea’s of how life should be untill you are bruised enough to let go of everything, and just start fresh with a bitter outlook.

I believe we are born in peace, with love in our hearts, beauty in our eyes and kindness in our touch. We are nutured in a world that has lost its morals, wisdom, respect and culture. Unfortunately,  we learn to survive in this world and forfeit our true nature.

I suppose, one day when our soles are splintered and souls are lost – we search the “Truth” of life in hope it will lead us back to where we started.

– PariAngel♥


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