Soul Food: A little wandering of the wondering mind.


Now and then, usually when ever I find little pockets of time, I wonder about the life I create for myself.  Lately, I have been wondering about what life offers most of us, all of its ups and downs in a great sense of ultimate purpose. Most of the time, life feels like a busy New York lane, jammed up with yellow and red lights. There is always a sense of caution, I guess you never know when you might have to stop. We wouldn’t want to fall face flat into the unknown now would we? Who knows what might happen if we actually crossed the red light – took the step beyond all those years of conforming to societal norms. Just imagining freeing ourselves from these karmic chains, has my insides tingle. How nice would it be living in a world where innocence governs our heart and actions. 


I feel we create chaos and then try to solve them, where has our ancestral wisdom gone? Is it lost in transition?

Very rarely I read a palm of a person who is living their dream, and its almost impossible to find a person whose astrological starts are aligned in harmony with one another. Makes me wonder about all the struggles we are born to face, no wonder we grow through the battles we fight.

– PariAngel



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