The most important message this card sends out to us when it is reversed; is that we should be aware of the mishaps that may happen due to miss-communication. Whether it is because the way you are presenting yourself, your forgetful memory or someone is in the mood to toy with you, you must be aware.

Since, today is a day is misunderstandings, be aware of it effecting you at work, financially and in relationships. For example, double-check the amount you sign, listen carefully before addressing a subject and in relationships try not to get into too much trouble because of the way you said or forgotten something important.

Advice: You might also be doing a bit too much talking and less acting, but when matters arise please do not rush into it – it may not be productive with all the mix-ups going around. Your approach to a situation may seem innocent but there is a tendency for others to perceive it annoying – Consciously present yourself. A good tip for today is to take notes of everything that requires your attention. This will help you clearly communicate with yourself and others.


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