Today’s Tarot: NINE OF STAVES

The month of August has its ways of tapping into your raw solar energy (your core) that drives your mind and body beyond limits. The sun pushes you, sometimes even overworks you to achieve what you dream of and fight with pride for what you believe in. Having this in mind, lets study today’s tarot – The Reversed Nine of Staves. 30  When a Reversed Nine of Staves presents its-self, it sends you the message not to give up – you are right at the finish point. This card indicates that you will feel constricted by your own beliefs, the walls you have set to protect you has now locked you in a mental state where it is hard for you to see beyond your own stubborn assumptions. You are troubled by unresolved issues, may be issues from that past that have surfaced up and the pain you have dealt with has turned you into a rock. The fear of not being able succeed in the fight has you worried. You may not have the support (financial, social or even the time) required to win. This has you avoiding the responsibility/ the stand you have held for so long. You feel that things are out of your control, taking on the world will overburden you. If someone confronts you today about the situation at hand, you might actually lose it. Specially, when you are not in the mood to deal or even negotiate matters, you might even hiss back at them for trying to help you with new perspectives/ideas to change your mind. It may also be that circumstances around you have changed, but in your mind you have incomplete business to finish. You are not moving until you see the end of things, however the battle ended a long time ago. Yet, you still hang on to the scars. You are tired of the fight, you are exhausted by the responsibilities and you wish to abandon your stand but the paradox is – Your mind is dead set on your beliefs. If you find it hard to accept inevitable change that has had you standing alone- fighting a lost battle, you are more likely to have a bad day today. 


Advice: I know its hard to let your guard down and let others be right. But sacrifice your pride today, no point in maintaining your stand when you know its not going to lead you anywhere. Internally, you wish to run away from all those feelings, events, circumstances that has your mind exhausted from fighting for yourself. Accept the changes but do not give up your strength. Fight for your dream but don’t constrain your mind to your personal set of ideologies – It may restrict you from acknowledging the “Truth”.

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