Soul Food: Contemplation at a Cross-road


When you are standing at a cross-road in life, and there is no one at sight to offer you a little bit of direction, where do you turn?

Life isn’t a linear path, though we wish it was. Everything would be easier; the past, present and future would be predictable to an extent, and change would in our hands. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. The stairs are always moving and you never know which door it takes you to. There is no guarantee on anything, and the inevitable change pulls you with its course just makes things worse. 

Its not easy for us to cope with sudden change, its not easy for us to choose a path when we are clueless where these roads take us. So my question, when you are all alone and contemplating an answer to choose, a path to pick, a door to open, who do you turn to?

I feel we are forced to find the answers within us, left to trust our instincts, reasoning and logic. Can we actually trust ourselves, have we been able to make the best choices for ourselves so far, do we even know what we truly desire and is our desire a mere ploy of our imagination or a path to enlightenment? Can we trust our own judgement?

A judgement must be made, so the chances are we have to risk it. There is no certain answer – there never has been. Guidance has only offered wisdom, not a sense of security. You have never been secure, every step has always been a risk – A risk towards the unknown.


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