Green Aventurine : Stone of Luck


I have always been drawn to Green Aventurine. It has always reassured me that things will work out in the end. I have always found it supporting me when I needed support and most importantly, it saved me from near misses. There have been so many times I almost missed a flight, and right when I was about to accept defeat, I hear them calling my name. Similar events have happened where luck has pushed me through the door to victory. Let’s just say when chances are slim or you think you might not make it, keep a Green Aventurine on you. It is definitely the stone to help you win against all odds. I admire this stone a lot for its calm yet powerful energy that draws luck, opportunities and prosperity.


Green Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra because it promotes emotional healing, compassion and a sense of balance between your yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energy. It also stimulates our intellect, guiding your decisions towards financial success, thus also considered a prosperity stone.

Element: Earth – Promotes emotional growth from past negativity, like heart breaks or separation. 

Green Aventurine also purifies your aura from any electromagnetic disturbances and environmental pollution.


Chemical Formula: SiO2
Mineral Class: Quartz
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Hardness: 6.5 – 7
Location:  Brazil, India and Russia


Discussion: Do share your personal experiences with this stone. I would love to learn how it has manifested its energy in your life.


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