Today’s Tarot: TWO OF STAVES

“To do or not to do”


The Two of Staves is a card that taps into your desire to expand your horizons. You have been dwelling on the ideas of change, expansion, learning, travel and progress. Now is the time your ideas are worth more in fruitful planning. You are on the verge of stepping ahead and discovering new aspects that will help you reach your goal.

This is also a decision card, do you live the way you are due to obligations or the sense of stability, or do you dare to listen to your inner calling of change. Do you risk it? You must find a balance between your present path and future goals; balance is what you must maintain to avoid getting overwhelmed or lost in thought.

Number two represents balance and partnership. In partnership, you must be aware of others feelings and how your desire to be more than what you are today can effect your partner. Sudden plans to chase your dream may cause turmoil. You don’t want to leave behind heartbreaks but it is also understandable that you do not wish to limit yourself. A decision needs to be made – find middle ground (balance).

In all aspects in life, this is an action card driven by the element of fire. You are headed for expansion, the decisions are not easy but its all in the best interest. We humans seek personal and materialistic growth over stagnancy. Business partnerships are foreseen.


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