Soul Food: The Beauty of Darkness

In Darkness Illuminates the Brightest of Light


The beauty of life is in the strength we possess to wade through the dark times. We curse at it’s arrival and pray for its leave. Yet, we hardly appreciate its presence, the lessons it teaches us, the truth it shows us and its ability to inspire our realization of the delicacy of happiness.

I must say if we never realize what it means to feel hurt, betrayed, loss, exposed, taken advantage of or even depressed; how are we ever going to find bliss in love, care, hope, support, success, and happiness. It is odd to think we deserve to go through hardship, only for life to teach us how to be grateful for the little things that put a smile on our face. I guess, life’s mysterious ways are not taught by parents, peers or school but by our daily encounters that are so perfectly played out. Sometimes, our mind begs us to call it destiny’s web of events. 

Since we learn so much from sorting through chaotic turmoils, most of our lives are filled with ever changing ratios of happiness and sadness. I can not help but wonder, why is it necessary? 

The answer lies in learning the ability to tell the difference between good and bad, and guide our future choices towards harmony. Harmony is the state of mind, the aura we emit despite the hardship life throws at us. Harmony is the light we learn to live in, when times are dark. Darkness is the only key to unlocking our inner strength to fight for happiness. 

Let me tell you, I appreciate the little things in life. I appreciate the gift of the present and I am always grateful for the opportunities and people in my life, who have given me so much to live for. But, with happiness and harmony comes the inevitable fear of uncertainty because you know its not over yet. Life has so much more to offer and you know not everything is going to be rosy. What I personally fear the most, is losing what means the most to me. Yes, dark times have taught me how to recognize reality and be thankful for the love I have in my life but I can not deny the fear it has installed in me. Who knows what I have to lose, to learn my next lesson.





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