Garnet: Stone of Vitality


I personally love garnet, it gives off a wonderful uplift in your energy. Whenever I wear a garnet, it makes me feel like a queen. I feel powerful, strong, active, and most importantly it boosts my fiery energy. I feel invincible. People who are influenced by the fire element, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius be careful, it sometimes tends to make you aggressive. Too much fire isn’t a good thing either. I have noticed how it does take me overboard sometimes, and I secretly love it. I am a lover of fire and garnet is one of the best stones for perseverance.

Garnet is considered the stone of vitality, It is a FIRE stone. It is a powerful energizer and offers immense physical and mental strength, courage, will power and protection. 

Garnet is worn to boost physical strength, people who do a lot of physical work will find it’s energy beneficial. If you are into sports, this stone will boost your stamina. If you are just studying all night for an exam, this stone will boost your mental strength and will power to see it through the end. Anyone, who feels low on energy, tired or exhausted can use this stone to  aid them in finishing their projects or just getting them through the day.

This stone is a great emotional healer. People who find it hard to let go of their past pain, to overcome obstacles, to forget and forgive their heartache, this stone pulls you out of that state and pushes you towards a positive outlook. I feel garnet is too fiery to let you waste your time and energy like that, it will drive you towards happiness by boosting your inner strength to actually burn the past and focus on the present. 

This stone is associated with our Base/Root Chakra, thus it is a grounding stone. If you feel aloof, overwhelmed by feelings or imagination, confused or unfocused in life, this stone energizes our chakra to bring you practicality, logic and rational in the way you think and make choices. Thus, is also considered a lucky gem for business.

Garnet is also a health healing stone, it works greats in revitalizing our body’s energy. It stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and multiplication, it energizes the libido and assists in cardiac rhythm.

WARNING: DO NOT WEAR GARNET IF YOU HAVE CANCER OR HYPERTENSION. Ladies, I would not suggest wearing it when you are on your period either. This stone promotes the flow of energy, you do not wish to increase blood cell multiplication or aggressive blood flow.



Garnet is ruled by Mars. Loose_Rough_Ruby_Blood_Red_Garnets



Chemical Formula: Depending upon color

Pyrope     Mg3Al2Si3O12
Almandine     Fe3Al2Si3O12
Spessartine     Mn3Al2Si3O12
Andradite     Ca3Fe2Si3O12
Grossular     Ca3Al2Si3O12
Uvarovite     Ca3Cr2Si3O12

Mineral Class: Isomorphous
Crystal System: Isometric
Hardness: 6.5 – 8.0
Location:  Arizona, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania.





Discussion: Do share your personal experiences with this stone. I would love to learn how it has manifested its energy in your life.



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