Today’s Tarot: FOUR OF CUPS


The Four of Cups represents that today you are feeling overwhelmed by everything that has been happening in your life. The seven months have been a roller-coaster ride, and you had to hold on really tight to keep things still going. Progress was not one of the strongest aspects in the past months. This is due to a lot of planetary positions that had brought you a fare share of obstacles.You have kept strong so far, planning, organizing, acting and tackles obstacles one after another head on, but your inner-self has had enough with it. Today is the day you take off from being a warrior and indulge in introspection. You may be disinterested in the world around you and to be honest, couldn’t bother less about anyone else but you today. You need to take a break and that is exactly what you will do today. You are in self-absorption mode. You will recluse yourself to meditate on your present situation, may be life has been stale for too long or you are bored with the present arrangement, or your tired from struggling or just feeling exhausted by all the emotional abuse in your life. 

Today’s internal contemplation will help you decide tomorrow. You will come out with a fresh perspective and  clearer vision of what you want from life and where you want it to go.

A negative aspect of this card is that you may detach yourself from people around you, people who truly care about you. In your aim to find meaning in your personal life, you might become selfish towards those you offer their energy for your growth.

Advice: You might feel less motivated and even likely to give up on all this hardship as it seems never-ending. Use this time to think but do not give up. Let your family and friends know you wish to be left alone today, this limits the chances of them misunderstanding your mood. Remember to appreciate the good in your life.


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