Today’s Tarot: ACE OF CUPS


Dear Readers,

The pursuit of a happy life is achieved when we are emotionally and mentally balanced. When our emotions weigh us down we tip the scale and fall into living an emotionally unstable life. Boredom, Depression, Loss, Fear, Hopelessness, Repression, Selfishness or even over attachments can tangle us into a web that we feel emotionally constricted in and find it hard to get out. Emotionally you feel exhausted but to not lose trust in tomorrow. Today, whether it is sheer boredom of being stuck at the same point in life or its the pain that has your heart chained to the bottom of the deepest ocean, you are going to acknowledge your obstacles and break free. You are going to set new goals and find new purposes in life. Yes, the negativity of your emotional side will get to you today. You will feel cranky, overwhelmed with emotions, its your bottled up heart breaking free. You might need a shoulder of a true friend today. Try to find a balance because its very important you do not let your weakness be known to the world. The world is beautiful but there are still people out there who might like to take advantage of your situation.

Advice: Try to define what is it that is making you feel this way. Knowing what it is will help you find away to overcome it. Do what you love. Forgive and forget the past, do not let it dominate your today. Find ways to bring change into your life – Create a new path. 

Be Blessed,



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