Today’s Tarot: Goddess of Fortune

Dear Friends,fortune

The card for today is a Revered Goddess of Fortune –  Lakshmi Card, this signifies that today you will not feel financially lucky. You may find obstacles standing in your way to success or sudden change of ideas that leads you to square one again of all the hard work you have put in. You are not appreciated for your efforts, this leaves you feeling pessimistic about the world around you. When there is no profit, It does not necessarily mean you are in loss. 

Today, you may experience sudden changes that may end things that have been blocking your financial growth. There is also a possibility to welcome new opportunities that may open your door to the path of fortune.


Advice: Many things may disappoint you today, don’t lose hope. Life has its ups and downs and today it may seem a bit more down than up. Keep an open mind, if things are not looking promising for you do not invest your time or money in it but do not end things in fear either. 


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