Good Day Friends,


A very interesting combination of cards this morning. The Goddess card Contemplation fell out of the deck so I took it as a message and the card I drew is the Six of Pentacles.

Key Words: Generosity, Employment, Help, Sharing, Inheritance, Allowance, Charity, Teaching and Learning.

The Goddess Tarot Contemplation advises you to contemplate your spiritual growth. To think about how you can better yourself and society around you. The goddess Chang O asks you to be understanding, helping, generous in spreading knowledge, wealth and love. It will bring prosperity to you in return. Karma.

The Six of Pentacles signifies you either being a giver or receiver today or may be both. You will have help and support around you. Friends and family will offer guidance and support in areas you were struggling. Financial gain is coming your way, may be a promotion, inheritance, allowance, a loan approval, a lottery or a job offer. You may be receiving money after a divorce. You may be given good news, gaining important knowledge on a concerned matter.

In relationships, money may be a latent issue. May be you married into money and the balance of money flow is not equal in the relationship, causing a sense of financial inequality in a relationship. This may make you feel below your partner and the negative feelings may cause invisible strains on the relationship. 

Advice: The negative aspect of this reading is that too much financial power on the giving side may exert a dominating personality. The receiver may feel inferior having to accept help. Be aware the intentions of ones generosity. Be in good faith. What goes around comes around.


Be Blessed,


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