Today’s Tarot: SEVEN OF STAVES

universal-goddess-05378Dear Friends,

When you believe in something you must fight for it no matter what. Today is the day your beliefs will be challenged and your strength will be tested. Today the power is in your hand, you will take charge and assert your will. You may find people who do not agree with you to raise their voices, make sure you let them know you are not being persuaded. You are not changing your mind. Conflicts and competition is likely to arise today, do not hesitate to confront your opponent. It is important for you to defend your ideas and action from others polluting/diluting its purity.

It is the day of no compromise, learn to say “NO”.

Advice: The New Moon in Virgo starts today. It calls for analysis of  your self and life path, specially independent thought and action. The focus is on what you believe and how you polish your path to a healthy and productive life. This card compliments the New Moon and tells you to understand what you believe in and stand by it. Its time to get to work. Do not let self-doubt or fear over come you as your fight progresses – Never back down.


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