Today’s Tarot: FOUR OF SWORDS

Four of Swords Reversed

Dear Friends,

Today’s card is the Reversed Four of Swords. Have you been dealing with life issues (Financial, Relationship, Loss, Psychological, Career) internally? This card indicates that you have been taking the time to seclude yourself from the world and ponder about your life stresses. If you have managed to work through them, now is the time you have regained your posture,strength and vision. You are ready to get back on your feet and face life with a new start. Though the past may linger, you have contemplated it’s pain and frustration has only held you back. No more will you allow it to stop you from positive change. You  have decided to put your frustrations behind and give it another shot. May I warn you, You may tend to want to chase after your lost time. You may bite off more than you can eat, what I mean to say is – Take one step at a time. I know you do not wish to waste another minute and pursue everything at once. Keep a calm mind.

However, If you have not given yourself the time to heal but have only pushed away your problems deeper into your soul, ignoring its call for resolution, you are clearly running away from your issues. Might I say, this is not a healthy way to deal with stress. Life teaches us to be strong through our hard times, giving up is not an option. Do not lose faith, bottling up with only result in chronic stress, and even insomnia. I know you have been waiting for change, but the time has come for you to become the reason of change. You must take the step internally first, then externally.

In relationships this card signifies the freedom from an abusive or stagnant relationship. You have set yourself free from its chains.

Be Blessed,



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