Today’s Tarot: FIVE OF STAVES


We all have been facing financial lows lately and the arrival of the Reversed Five of Pentacles today indicates a positive change.

KEYWORDS: Financial and Material Improvement, Good Times, Employment, Overcoming of Difficult Situations,  Ending of unhealthy relationships.

We are in a transition period, situations are changing slowly but steadily ahead. This is not a get rich instantly message, but rather we are in the process of turning our lives away from the hard times. You will notice people and circumstances arising to help you when you are in dire need. The burden of commitments, financial support, dependency will lighten up, allowing you to stand on your feet after a long time of self-deprivation.
On a spiritual level you have grown from the lessons you have learned,  the struggles have intuned you to the nature of the universe and people around you. You have gained new spiritual perspective and awareness.

If thr hard times have drifted you apart from your family and friends, you are likely to reconnect.
This card also suggests a return to work after a long break/employment.

Advice: Accept help that is being offered. Welcome new opportunities,  take new steps, be optimistic and understanding of others lives. Finance and materialism matter but shall not dominate our lives-find the balance of living life in harmony of the simple gifts it offers.

Be Blessed,


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