Event: Banishing Spell – Banish Obstacles from your Life.



On the 23rd of September, in the period of the Dark of Moon in Libra, I have decided to cast a “Banishing Spell”. This spell shall banish obstacles/hardship that has been effecting your finance, and relationships. This spell will remove those spiky blocks that have been standing in your way, obstructing opportunities and causing chaos.

Day: Tuesday, 23rd September, 2014
Time: Hour of Jupiter (19:54 – 20:52)

I would like to offer you the opportunity to add your name to the spell and be enriched by its magick.

Please: add your name under this event post.

If you would like to donate anything to aid me in the spell, your generosity is greatly appreciated. The button below will allow you to donate as little as a dollar and if you would like to send candles, oils, herbs or anything your heart desires, you can message me for my address.

Hope you find your self surrounded by new opportunities and a fresh outlook this New Moon.

Be Blessed,


Note: I have over 1500 names for the upcoming “Banishing Spell” and wanted to ask if anyone wanted to offer a helping hand in sending energy, supplies or donations?
I am truly honored by this opportunity to help so many wonderful people but I think I might need some more supplies.

1. Candles (Black, Green, or White)
2. Herbs
3. Oils

I was thinking of using a lot of salt, and maybe I can send this blessed salt to those who would like it. It would be a highly powerful salt to use in spell work or for protection.

Donation received: 70 dollars in total. Thank you for your Generosity, every little offer helps.


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