Today’s Tarot: Prince of Staves

Dear Friends,

33prince-of-staves_thumbToday try to be patient with how things are playing out, they wont be how you expect them to be. You will face delays and setbacks in your endeavors. This will make you feel frustrated, impatient, reckless, and stressed. Your inner need to achieve and fight obstacles may drive you into making unwise decisions or risk things that may not lead to success. You may start new projects or pursue new ideas, however may not see them through the end. You may tend to be irrational in your decision making, leading to clashes with partners (Business/Relationships).

Yes, you will feel the need to push on but your energy and stamina will be low. Pushing yourself may leave to health issues due to the amount of stress you put on yourself. Though you feel you should do whatever it takes to get what you want, even if that means lie, cheat or manipulate – You might end up hurting people around you.

Advice:  Do not Rush into decisions, Avoid Conflicts/Arguments, Do not push yourself to exhaustion and today is not the day to gamble serious matters.

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