Today’s Tarot: QUEEN OF CUPS


Dear Friends,

On this day, the New Moon in Libra the Queen of Cups has come to share with you a message.
Our emotions are heightened, we feel more sensitive today. We are aware of the subtle emotions that surround us in our daily lives, you will see that today more than ever the vague smiles of strangers catch your eye, the sorrow in ones eyes touches your heart, you are in tune with your environment and all those who surround you. You are caring and patient, you feel the importance to listen to the one in front of you. Today you go beyond yourself to help, care and provide those who are in need of your attention.

When faced with situations you will use your intuition to make decisions (it would be wise to listen to them too, they will guide you). You will feel love around you, people will be more considerate of your presence and understanding of your ideas. You will find that you are surrounded by a sense of happiness, inner peace as you acknowledge the balance of emotions and logic within.

Men – We all have a masculine and feminine side, today you are asked to heed your emotions and incorporate that in your thoughts and actions.



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