queen_of_pentaclesToday’s Tarot is the Queen of Pentacles, she spreads a nurturing yet firm energy. She advises you on the importance of having a balanced family and work life. You must seek this balance through practical and rational planning and executing through caring, calm and nurturing actions. Her guidance strives to establish a secure and productive environment both internally and externally.

Today you may realize that there are people around you (specially a female), who will offer you guidance, counselling, support and positivity and this will clarify your doubts/confusions and provide direction. You may also feel the need to intervene in the lives of those who need your help. You will try your best to offer perspective, an objected plan on how they can achieve what they wish to achieve. 

Today is all about helping each other succeed in their respective paths.

Key Words: Nurturing, Financial Help, Guidance, Practicality, Wealth, Loyalty, Sharing

Advice: You may feel the need to achieve through objective thinking, however I must also draw to your attention your decision to stay focused on the goal through a realistic, objective and productive plan will only strive when you incorporate the acknowledgement of how the plan will effect yourself and others in the process. Acknowledge the emotional side as well, it is important in creating a balanced life.


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