Dear Friends,Ace+of+Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles has manifested its energy today in our lives. Bringing opportunities of financial growth – The card indicates the beginning of a period of planning and executing new ideas that will lead you to your financial success. The focus is on materializing our dreams that will win us rewards. You are inspired to create wealth in all forms, specially in the domains of secure money, houses, cars, future assets, investments, and business. 

At work you will feel new ideas coming to you on how you can improve yourself and your business.
At home you will recognize where you can change things to improve living standards and also budget properly.(example changing/regulating energy consumption, planting recyclable water systems, attending to matters that will given you good returns over the long run).

The energy of this card is very positive, the feeling of achievement surrounds you and you feel joyous because of it. You know your soul and mind are on the right path and its positivity can only lead you to success.

Relationships (personal or business) will grow stronger and stable, the bond will also aid in each other’s financial growth.

Advice: Be ready for future gains – right now you are paving the path for your wealth and prosperity to flow in. Those who have been facing hard times financially, this card marks the ending of that period. Thus, do not let this time go by, take action to bring these opportunities in to your life. Go do a course, invest in new business plans, deepen your relationships, and save up for target goals.

Wishing you all abundance of luck.


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