Event: Emotional and Physical Healing Spell (CASTED)

Dear Friends,

On the 6th of October 2014 , in the period Waxing Gibbous of the Moon in Pisces, I have decided to cast a “Healing Spell”. This spell shall heal the broken, troubled, and lost hearts and also ease the physical pain that has been dominating/effecting your overall health. This spell will send healing energy into your lives and flood you with positive light. The stress, heart ache, emotional void, and broken spirit will be revived and filled with energy and will. Physical pain will ease and you will feel less drawn to cocoon in your secure space, the energy will have you doing jumping jacks. You will feel like a renewed again. This spell is an Emotional and Physical Health Booster.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to add your name to the spell and be enriched by its magick.

Please add your name under comment section of the Event Post. This is to ensure your name being added on the Spell List.

If you would like to donate anything to aid me in the spell, your generosity is greatly appreciated. The button below will take you to PayPal, where you can donate as little as a dollar to help me with the supplies and if you would like to send candles, oils, herbs or anything your heart desires, you can message me for my address.


If you are interested in having a Personal Spell Cast, you may contact me by clicking here.

The Spell has been casted, please find pictures and healing energy by Clicking Here (re-directed to after page)



19 thoughts on “Event: Emotional and Physical Healing Spell (CASTED)

    • Could you please add Dana Wojtasinski , Gary Doucette & Amy Palmer & Mitchell Wojtasinski thank you so very very much ❤ will be donating when I get $$ from my disability on the 3rd Blessed Be )0(


  1. Please add me. I have felt a serious void within me the past 11 years! I am ready to end the hurt of my past and start anew!


  2. Could you please add my family to the list? Karen, Michael, Desiree, Dustin, Nikki, Dot & Larry. Thank you sooo very much! I’d describe each person’s ailments but that’d take a while (from long term stomach issues, to effects from a stroke, to dizziness, pain, anxiety etc) Also if possible, my friend Sherrie…she has bad ptsd and anxiety from her ex husbands abuse. Thank you sooo much!!


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