Mercury Retrograde : October 4th till October 25th Be Aware

October 4 Mercury Station Retrograde at 2º Scorpio  ~ October 25 Mercury Station Direct at 16º Libra 

wpid-20140927_204835.jpgWhen planets appears to be travelling backwards on their path, they are called retrograde. Mercury is going retrograde on October 4th from 2º Scorpio and travels back the path of Scorpio to 16º Libra until it turns direct on October 25th.

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. Governs aspects like intellect, memory, creativity, communication, expression of ideas both conscious and sub-conscious. How we communicate, think,understand, plan, analyse, organize, sort, gather information and basically make sense of the world around us is based on Mercury’s relation to us. All mental activities are influences by Mercury.

The way we approach a situation and how we externally deal with it, is a result of Mercury’s interaction with us (our planetary chart). The way we speak, the words we choose, the behavior we exhibit is us expressing our Mercury. Some negative aspects of Mercury is mental nervousness, indecisiveness and compulsive urge to be picky.

How Mercury Retrograde Effects Us:wpid-20140927_211126.jpg

In the upcoming 3 week period of Mercury Retrograde you will witness many occasions of communications breaking down, things will go Haywire. Mis-communications, misunderstandings, memory loss, misjudging, interruptions and delays are some of the main aspects of a Mercury Retrograde. In this age, where communication is faster than lightening, it will be very frustrating when you realize, your electronics (means of communication) are malfunctioning, Your partner misunderstood your innocent joke, your boss found your innovative ideas erratic, your flight got delayed, and worst is that your important bills may slip your mind.
What happens is that information that is conveyed will reach its destination in pieces or may be totally messed up because on its path of travel, it fogs up and important information goes missing causing chaos that results in you having to spend more time and energy clarifying.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to think not to act. You are given a chance to rest, retreat, re-analyse your decisions and actions. This is not the time to rush into ideas, or act on impulses – even if you tried it wont happen. Delays will force you to re-think your stand. Sometimes you wish you had the time to enjoy serenity of the mind. This is the gift of time.

Advice: What You Should Not Be Doing
1. Never to sign legal documents, promise assignments or projects at this time.
2. Do not start or close any sale deals.
3. Do not buy any electronics (Phones, Tablets, Laptops,Projectors) – You may have to return them.
4. Do not travel (what if the communication system of a train or flight failed to operate properly). I do not wish to upset you but I do take this part seriously.
5. Do not schedule meetings (You do not wish to encounter mis-communications, or send the wrong message across, or even face delays – It doesn’t look good when you have to cancel).

The best advice is to wait until October 25th for the Mercury Retrograde to end its course and turn direct.

I wish you the best in this upcoming Mercury Retrograde – May you use this time to rejuvenate your mind, plans, goals, and inner wisdom.



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