Today’s Tarot: FIVE OF CUPS


It is very important we look into our mirrors once in a while and see not only our physical appearance but the fine lines – markers of our lives that tell a story. Today is one of those days you look into yourself rather than at yourself, what comes about today is not a result of a drive to spiritually enlighten yourself but from finding answers to move on from the pain you have hidden in your heart and that has encircled your life. 

This card indicates you are struggling emotionally at the moment, great sorrow, loneliness, despair, disappointment, loss, separation, divorce, heart break, abandonment, regret, remorse, and guilt are some of the emotions that you may be feeling. The theme is emotional pain. I know its easier said than done, when people advise you to let go of the past and move on, it certainly is not an easy task but I just want to let you know that there are still 2 cups remaining. Two cups filled with hope and happiness just waiting for you to reach out to them. It is very easy to recluse yourself from the world around you and drown in your pain.

Sometimes, we must acknowledge our past, realize our strong and weak points and when moving forward we must strengthen our strengths and change are weaknesses.

Advice: Be strong, life has much more to offer. People come and people go, what we cherish is the memories they leave behind. We must learn from our mistakes and find the courage to have a better future than sulk in the sorrow, it will only put out the remaining light you had in your soul. 

Some may have a harder day than others, I wish you all strength to overcome what ever it is that you are emotionally dealing with at the moment.



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