Event: Full Moon Spell for Financial Wealth & Prosperity


Dear Friends,

On the 6th of November 2014 , On the Full Moon in Taurus
I am offering you the opportunity to add your name to the “Spell of Fortune” I am casting with the intention to increase financial wealth and prosperity in your lives.

This spell will be cast Thursday at the hour of Sun.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter: Which attracts increase (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel. (Brings prosperity and wealth in abundance)

Please leave your name with me.

Be Blessed,

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Today’s Tarot: The High Priestess

flat,550x550,075,fDear Friends,

As we transition from yesterday to today, we acquire a body of knowledge that helps us understand who we are and how we can live happily in this big scheme of life. If you were able to devote some peaceful time to dig up some needed answers for yourself, you are one step closer. Today, you take the next step, you allow the understanding and insight from your soul-searching to pave a way towards a stable and rewarding future. This must be planned not through your externally learned set of rules that govern right and wrong but your INTUITION.  Today’s card asks you listen to your tuition, trust what you feel is right not what you think is right at this given situation. It is very important to understand that Right and Wrong are relative terms and sometimes their relevance changes, thus listen to your inner self, do not ignore it. All your doubts, uncertainties and decisions can be solved if you calm your mind and listen to your inner voice.

There is so much you will discover about yourself and your life when you allow yourself to listen. 


Today’s Tarot: THE HERMIT

Dear Friends,robin-wood-04258

Today you welcome a day of solitude, away from the rush of daily demands. A day to analyze the past and plan the future. You seek the truth – knowledge through awareness. You will look inside for answers, the answers have always been with in you. 

Today, you take a break from work, family, friends and obligations. Somewhere inside you feel confused, something in unclear. May be its the path you are walking. You do not understand where your life is going and why you are letting it run its course. There is no clear vision of the future and this knowledge you seek today.  Today relax, think about your life, think about others in your life, think where you wish to be, how can you get there and how it will benefit you and the world around you.

It is a day of discovering ones self in the midst of chaos as you self-teach yourself the values of your existence, meaning of your path and consequences of your actions.


Soul Food: Poetry

Dear Friends,

An attempt to express my words ~

The Ancients whisper their old ways
Through the painted scripts in hollow caves
passed down a practice ever learning in nature
wisdom through truth and honor through stature

Worship we do, the elements of life
As alchemists, brewing spells at night
A balance we strive between dark and light
No bliss stronger than the love inside
No hurt painful than a witch in spite

Oh! wise of men and women
The maiden has shared her beauty
Her divine energy in all
A path of practice paved
Blessed we are as we learn

In the garden of lavender we pray
May all positivity encircle our being
As the wind blows through our hair
Sand slip through our fingers
Mist lay over our body
And fire blaze within our souls

Blessed be all who chant melodies
Dance in celebration of you
Blessed be all devoted to teach
The ultimate truth of our ontology
~ Pari Angel

Today’s Tarot: Strength


When we are challenged – pushed in the corner, that is when we realize the power of our inner strength. Some may breakdown, some may feel helpless and in the despair of the moment, when all is lost we realize the ultimate truth, “We must help ourselves.” This sole epiphany can break the strongest mental and physical chains we subject ourselves to. Truly, one can only understand or feel what you are going through but to actually know what it will take to overcome, that knowledge resides in you.

Today, enhance your inner strength as you summon the courage and determination to face all that has been holding you back, challenges and obstacles. You must prep your psyche as you search for the fine balance of perseverance and exhaustion. You will notice, you feel confident, strong, brave, understanding and aware of he cause and effect of the actions you plan to administer. You are not stepping back when you know its time to move on – Forward.

You understand the gentle fabric of how kindness and patience on a given matter weaves stronger success than any impulsive attempt to break others as you charge ahead. Ahead we must go, over come we must all that stands in our way – Such is Life. However, the path is walked with your head held high in confidence, inner-strength and love. Do not allow negative emotions to power you – Today is the day of discovering your inner-strength and finding the balance between the yin and yang. Allow the divine in you to overturn the inner-child, as one can only be deemed strong when they have the power in them to overturn their primal instincts through higher conscious/spiritual awareness.

Advice: Allow your words to be kind yet straightforward, touch to be gentle yet firm and most importantly allow your actions to be focused and void of external influences. You know what must be done to move on – Do It. Be Strong. Persevere.

Today’s Tarot: SIX OF SWORDS

Six of Swords 1024

Dear Friends,

On this Sunday we have evoked the power in us to accept transition in our lives. We have realized the importance of letting go of the past that has help us back for so long. Yes, it is not easy – its painful to see what all we must leave behind to evolve. Sometimes its the hardest thing to do – sometimes its the dearest to our hearts. Its amazing sometimes how much meaning we pour into the inevitable loss of temporary pleasure. The promises of wishful thinking can enrich our relationships, work, dreams, and the life we are set out to live. Yet, there are times when despite our best effort we must acknowledge the detrimental effect the past and present has on our growth, thus we must move on to a healthy future. This can be as simple as giving up a bad habit or as hard as letting go of a loved one for your well being in the long run.
We are children of mother Earth, she has provided us with the abundance of beauty and love. She nurtures us to become happy souls and when you are in a state of emotional, mental and physical pollution, she pushes you to let go of all the harmful energy and move towards fresh air.

Advice: Do not resist change, its better today than tomorrow dear. Open your soul up to happiness, accept the path towards positive change. I know its hard to let go of your memories, dreams and promises but dear no one is telling you to forget, they will always mean the same to you – but if you allow some space for new to form, you will see the future won’t let you down.

Ace of Cups – Today’s Tarot


A wonderful day to spread your wings and fly. Inhale the sweetness of the air and jump into the freshness of the sea. Today, you open yourself up to new beginnings. Let your emotions ooze out you as your engulf all the beauty life has to offer. What beauty? Today you are surrounded by the beauty of new relationships. As social beings how can this be anything but uplifting. You are ready to take the next step, grow and deepen meaningful relationships that will enhance your emotional life with the joys of love, excitement and support.

Your heart is open to receiving unconditional love and care. You will also go beyond limits to be there for the ones who mean the world to you. Today, love is on your mind, let your emotions, intuitions, creativity and senses flow as you free yourself through expression.

Advice: Go crazy today, Love and be loved. Do what ever our hear desires today – Create art, play music, dance your heart out, bake cookies, paint, draw… let all that energy manifest into beauty in its purest essence. Go out meet new people and make sure you let the ones you have know how much they mean to you. If you are planning on having a new addition to your family – Today is the day to initiate the welcoming process. 

The Power of Sandalwood


Sandalwood (Santalum album) possesses great magickal properties. It’s use has been noted in many traditions as a guide to spiritualism . The warm woody aroma relaxes your mind, body and soul to a state of tranquility leading you to dig deeper into spiritual understanding. 

Practical Use: Sacred Rituals, Aromatherapy, Skin Care, Ayurvedic Medicine, Egyptian Embalming, Meditation
Medicinal Properties: Aids in insomnia,infections, dry skin, acne, pimples, stress reduction, relaxation, throat soars, nausea, depression. It is rich in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Magickal Properties: Protection, Healing, Conjuring, Exorcism, Raise Energy, Concentration, Purification, Spirit Passage, Peace, Divine Fire-keeping, Astral-Projection
Found:  Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii and Oceanic islands
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Gender: Feminine
Chakra: Root

Sandalwood can be infused with other herbs like Frankincense, Lavender, or Rose to invoke different purposes during rituals.

  • Lavender and Sandalwood aid in the exorcism or passage of spirits from this world to the next.
  • Rose and Sandalwood stimulate our senses, may be used in tantric or sex magic.
  • Frankincense merged with Sandalwood as an incense aids in the raising high energy vibrations in and around oneself while meditating.
Rub the Sandalwood stick on this course stone plate by adding a few droplets of water to make a paste.

Rub the Sandalwood stick on this course stone plate by adding a few droplets of water to make a paste.

Sandalwood can be found in Wood, Powder, Paste and Oil form.



Dear Friends,443693441b627b8ab7054c25f0ffb4e6

The message is simple today: Teamwork is necessary to accomplish a given goal. Though we all possess our individual talents, today we must come together share, learn, and encourage each other to work as a whole towards fulfilling today’s target. Its a day to call meetings, work through the little details to accomplish excellence. Everyone in the team will have some thing to contribute towards the benefit, be open and accepting of new ideas, opinions and perspectives. You will receive recognition and success as you draw positive attention for your hard word today. Give your peers a chance to cooperate, have trust in them. A one man show is not profitable today, you will benefit from the surrounding feedback. Let it flow in and guide you.
If you were planning on merging or collaborating in your business/career, today is a good day for such joint ventures.


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Questions for the Day: Are you open to team work? Are you willing to accept constructive criticism? Do you think you can trust another’s advice? how do you think team work can benefit you personally? Are there issue or aspects that you are struggling with at work or even in personal life?


Dear Friends,

Today is a wonderful day to get your ball of yarn rolling. The King of Pentacles present to you freshness in the air, the warrior spirit to take on any obstacle and turn it around. You possess confidence, wisdom, maturity, and the ability to work hard to achieve the financial stability you long for. Some may even enjoy the bliss of financially rewarding day. A wonderful day to treat yourself and your loved ones, you deserve to celebrate your hard work so far. Today is not a day of struggle, you will find a smooth flow of energy around you. 

Today you are grounded, you know what your goals are, you have a plan set out and you are determined to achieve. There is a sense of maturity in your actions. You know where your responsibilities lie and where to draw the line. You realize there is no time to waste on the irrelevant. Whatever you set out to do today, you will return with rewards. Its a good day to accomplish pending work, specially anything financially related. You can even decided to venture out today into new financially stimulating projects.

Advice: When opportunities do arise today, be wise in your decisions. There is no point in rushing into anything. You must be patient, practical, and conscious of your decisions as they pave the way to your future investments. 

Questions of the Day: Do you have a clear financial goal? Do you have an objective and methodological way of achieving your goals? How do you plan of harvesting today’s energy for your benefit? If you do have obstacles in your way, how do you plan on overcoming them?

Today’s Tarot: EIGHT OF SWORDS (R)

October 11th, 2014

Good Day Friends,

Today’s Tarot Reading – Reversed Eight of Swords (The Robin Wood Tarot)swords_viii

Message for today: You feel confined by situations, specially mental and psychological. The conflict is internal, thus you must find the courage in you to break the chains that bind you. Some feelings that may have been weighing you down is stress, loneliness, uncertainty, self-doubt, and fear.
Friends and Family may dry their throats trying to help you come out of that dark place, but its YOU who must take the initiative to be positive.
Yes, you are struggling inside to find clarity and its hard to know what is the right thing to do sometimes. But the first step you must take is to accept we all go through hard times, we all have to fight our own battles and we must be strong to overcome what weighs us down. We have in us the Power to bring change to ourselves and other. Listen to your intuitions, do not be afraid to open up your heart and mind to new ideas. Its time – You are Ready.

Question of the day: How do you propose to overcome the negativity that has been slowing your life down? What techniques will you use? how would you motivate yourself? when do you feel enough is enough? What kind of issues are you avoiding?


Today’s Tarot: SIX OF PENTACLES (R)

Dear Friends,


Financial awareness is requested of you today. The Reversed Six of Pentacles, asks you to  analyse the financial situation you are in today. Do you have debts? did you loan money? are you expecting money? are you planning on spending money today? Ask your selves these questions. You may want to re-think about spending today and when it comes to receiving, its most likely you will receive less than expected or nothing at all.

Generosity might overcome you today, but it is the wrong day to pursue your inner voice to help out financially. There may be a selfish or self-serving need to use money as a way to communicate or win a situation or someone. This is not a healthy practice. Be aware of people approaching you with a financial gift, people who really care have many other ways of expressing their love and will to support.

In relationships, there may be an imbalance in the relationship based on finances. You may feel under appreciated for your financial help, feel used as your partner takes and gives back little or you may dominate/be a victim of financial domination.

Advice: Do not give unless you do not want it back. Even if you do wish to donate, please make sure it goes to a legitimate cause. Do not over spend today, it may lead you to deeper debts.You are not likely to receive the money that was owed to you. There may be a sense of financial domination or showoff for a self-serving need to be proved. Be mindful.

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Today’s Tarot: Hierophant/ The Priest

Dear Friends,card-2-v-the-priest

Today the universe asks you to fulfill your desire to find traditions in your beliefs and follow them. As social beings we strive when our lives have some set rules/rituals, rituals that are passed down from generations through the means of tradition. Tradition can be as simple as a set prayer, a way of action or celebration, or a lifestyle. Tradition can be in the form of religion or societal norms that help bring a sense of community and belonging to us individual.

Lately, we have been in a trend to challenge, challenge everything our senses take in. Our minds are always filled with doubt – we question everything from an individual perspective. How does this relate to me or why do I need to do this or endorse that. These are the questions we often ask, and we lose the charm of appreciating the purpose of tradition. We let our ego’s dominate our world and sadly the magic of having ourselves surround by ancient voices of wisdom is lost.

Today, we open the door and allow other’s values enrich our lives. There is always something to learn from another’s advice. It is not time to challenge, but conform to what is expected of you today. Analyse the situation you are in, you will realize the right thing to do (though Right and Wrong are subjective terms), is usually scripted in our mind from our childhood experiences of traditional influence.

Advice: Do not fight it, go with it. Sometimes involving yourself with institutions, groups, communities can fill in the void and other times you may feel out of place. Either way, today is a day of learning  for you. You learn was guides you and others and hopefully incorporate your personal touch to your our traditions. 


What a Magical Day of Action.


Today, you wake up determined of hitting your target. You know your goals – all you need to do is implement the plans in a realistic and methodological way. There is no laziness or backing down today, whatever the cost you are going to finish what you started. Today, you are energetic, focused, loyal, dedicated  and ambitious. You take your responsibilities seriously and work hard at successfully fulfilling them. Tedious work will not tire you. You have in you the spirit of a warrior, who doesn’t give up until every obstacle in his way is over turn.

Today, you also appreciate your physical body. You nourish it with good care, as you realize its worth. It is the vehicle that drives your soul to its destination, poor maintenance will only slow your progress down. Delays is something you can not afford today nor like to encounter in the future.

Advice: Today you are in a practical mind frame – Stable and Sincere. You may put more importance on materialistic achievements than on a spiritual or emotional well being. Try to tune into your intuitions, they help guide us nonetheless. Today, you step ahead in manifesting your goals on a physical level. I say , Go get ’em, Tiger. Its your day to shine bright.