Soul Food: Life – Chain of Events

The more you in tune yourself with the world around you, the more aware you become of its diabolical plan for our existence. I often come across people contemplating the existence of a Heaven and Hell, and once in a while if I was ever asked to join, I give out a bright smile and say ” We are in Hell.”

Our mortal lives defy the concept of infinite, we are born and die to live a life in a dimension where time limited and choices are shaped by a combination of circumstances, knowledge, environment, influences and destiny. The proclaimed FREEDOM that is so proudly boasted is a mere illusion when you are bound by societal norms. Yes, occasionally you will meet or hear about a person who choose the ascetic life, ever wondered why?

I wonder beyond the whys and hows and think about the what will that life achieve when every single event in our lives, which is a series of butterfly-effects that lead to one another are meant to be. We will notice repetitive themes in our lives as well, the girl who keeps ending up with the same kind of ungrateful man, the man who keeps getting denied his promotion, the same heart breaks, the same struggles and over time what we realize is that we only have gotten older. Why do we face these same situations again and again, is because we fail to observe, analyze and actively learn the lessons life has been trying to teach you. That girl needs to learn to love herself than seek love from an abusive relationship, the man needs to learn to be mentally and verbally strong to demand what he has earned, we must learn lessons every step of the way until the end. If our life is a chain of events that occur as a means of enlightening our wisdom with the ways of life, in the end when have we actually lived? if learning process is life, if it is achieved through our interactions with our surroundings, then what are those ascetics learning? I guess they are learning from the laws of nature. I still feel they are limiting their search for truth and knowledge by secluding themselves. Imagine how they will cope when asked to work a job or be in a relationship – there is so much to learn.

…. To be continued


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