Today’s Tarot: Nine of Cups


Dear Friends,
When you look back in time, the past months have been rough. Our lives revolved around battling out those daily struggles to achieve, whether physical, emotional or financial. Today is the day your hard work pays off. So, take a deep breath and relax. The Nine of Cups indicates celebration of our dreams and wishes coming true. Today you will be surrounded by happiness, enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment. All aspects of your life will go smooth today, your spirit would be so high today that you can not stop yourself from enjoying what ever you do.

In relationships, you will go beyond your normal routine to celebrate your partnership even in the most subtlest ways. If you are single, you are content with who you are and how things are. You would rather be with your soul mate than damage your spirit by finding people to fill an imagined sense of void. By the way, you might actually met some one, if you choose to attend a party or celebration.Today is the day of self-realization and while you learn to look inside yourself for answers, you understand how important it is to respect/love yourself for all that you have accomplished. Treat yourself.

Work will be supportive, positive and productive. You might have projects approved today or your hard work acknowledged today, or even be promoted. 

Health wise, you will feel energetic and active.

Advice: Enjoy and appreciate all you have in your life. As long as the Earth spins around the Sun, you will be on a sea-saw of struggles and fulfillment, Today you have overcome your struggles with your dedication, determination and will power, thus, this fulfillment is the sweetest than ever. This card is considered a Wish Card, wait and watch as your dreams come true over the next few weeks. Enjoy.


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