Today’s Tarot: JUDGEMENT (R)



Human nature is very interesting, we fear the unknown, want things to remain the same despite the truth that life is ever evolving and most importantly, we like routine. Routine offers a sense of knowing what to expect, security you could say and makes life less stressful. But what happens when you refuse to acknowledge the fact that life has a momentum and that momentum is change. 

We tend to grip on to things tightly due to the fear of loss, it may be relationships, lifestyles, work, finances anything and everything that you think has your back. In an attempt to protect ourselves and circumstances from changing we miss out the opportunity to grow sometimes. Remember, I always say we grow through the learning of the lessons life throws at us. If you are not allowing yourself the time to introspect, then how can you learn from your past and expect growth in your life?

This card reversed indicated a sense of negativity, unhappiness, or difficulty in overcoming obstacles that you find hard to let go. It is time to judge, to understand where you stand in life and how the situations you are in is affecting your life. It is time to decide to let go of any harmful addictions and accept change for the betterment. Yes, we do not know what lies ahead but at this point if you let go of what is holding you back, you would definitely know what is not going to be carried on with you into the future.

Advice: Today you are prone to making unwise judgments, so take a deep breath and think. Do not rush your decisions, and remember to be considerate of yourself and others. If you only allowed yourself sometime to think about your life, you will reward yourself with a positive outcome. Introspection is needed. Time to let go of unhealthy past attachments, life is not stagnant – you must move on. Rebirth.


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