Dear Friends,

What does it mean to have your emotions turned upside down? I would say a break in the flow of emotions, or an inability to tap into your emotional side to seek guidance. Listen to your intuitions, do not disregard their importance neither should you let anyone else decide for you.

This card represents that today, you must allow yourself to tune in with your emotions, intuition and incorporate your emotional intelligence in your actions. Yes, you may feel disinterested to seek others advice as you are not in the mood to dig deep into a matter, you prefer to have a superficial day. You do not wish to express yourself today, and though you have been recovering on your own – away from the crowd and their million questions, you are least interested in having to offer any explanations. 

The time you spent in self-thought and self-absorption has ended, and today you wish to reconnect with friends and family.  Its time to be active and get your life back on track. You seek to be happy, and happiness shall be yours – remember to invest your time and energy in the right people. There may be a sense of deception in the air, be aware to know the facts and truths before believing anyone. Hidden intents may be underlying a lot of action today.

There is a tendency to fast-track today to make over for the lost time, but please do not rush. It is time to take it easy and move ahead with grace. (You are prone to overlook or make mistakes in the process of rushing into your plans).


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