Today’s Tarot: THE FOOL (R)


Dear Friends,

Today you are taking a break from thinking deeply into matters. You want to enjoy the day with out worrying about consequence and all the burdens that await you at the door. Your actions tend to be unmindful today, a sense of impatience, recklessness and irresponsibility over takes you. You must think before you act today, chances are you will get into situations that will prove more of a harm to you than benefit- Lack of proper judgment. You are prone to make foolish mistakes today. With the Mercury Retrograde , it might as well be something you said that gives you a standoffish vibe. 

Your want to be yourself and enjoy, may turn into selfishness as you abandon demanding situations today.

Advice: Make sure you finish what you started. Think before you act. Be mindful of your actions because carelessness can cost you something important today.


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