Today’s Tarot: Hierophant/ The Priest

Dear Friends,card-2-v-the-priest

Today the universe asks you to fulfill your desire to find traditions in your beliefs and follow them. As social beings we strive when our lives have some set rules/rituals, rituals that are passed down from generations through the means of tradition. Tradition can be as simple as a set prayer, a way of action or celebration, or a lifestyle. Tradition can be in the form of religion or societal norms that help bring a sense of community and belonging to us individual.

Lately, we have been in a trend to challenge, challenge everything our senses take in. Our minds are always filled with doubt – we question everything from an individual perspective. How does this relate to me or why do I need to do this or endorse that. These are the questions we often ask, and we lose the charm of appreciating the purpose of tradition. We let our ego’s dominate our world and sadly the magic of having ourselves surround by ancient voices of wisdom is lost.

Today, we open the door and allow other’s values enrich our lives. There is always something to learn from another’s advice. It is not time to challenge, but conform to what is expected of you today. Analyse the situation you are in, you will realize the right thing to do (though Right and Wrong are subjective terms), is usually scripted in our mind from our childhood experiences of traditional influence.

Advice: Do not fight it, go with it. Sometimes involving yourself with institutions, groups, communities can fill in the void and other times you may feel out of place. Either way, today is a day of learning  for you. You learn was guides you and others and hopefully incorporate your personal touch to your our traditions. 


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