Today’s Tarot: SIX OF PENTACLES (R)

Dear Friends,


Financial awareness is requested of you today. The Reversed Six of Pentacles, asks you to  analyse the financial situation you are in today. Do you have debts? did you loan money? are you expecting money? are you planning on spending money today? Ask your selves these questions. You may want to re-think about spending today and when it comes to receiving, its most likely you will receive less than expected or nothing at all.

Generosity might overcome you today, but it is the wrong day to pursue your inner voice to help out financially. There may be a selfish or self-serving need to use money as a way to communicate or win a situation or someone. This is not a healthy practice. Be aware of people approaching you with a financial gift, people who really care have many other ways of expressing their love and will to support.

In relationships, there may be an imbalance in the relationship based on finances. You may feel under appreciated for your financial help, feel used as your partner takes and gives back little or you may dominate/be a victim of financial domination.

Advice: Do not give unless you do not want it back. Even if you do wish to donate, please make sure it goes to a legitimate cause. Do not over spend today, it may lead you to deeper debts.You are not likely to receive the money that was owed to you. There may be a sense of financial domination or showoff for a self-serving need to be proved. Be mindful.

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