Today’s Tarot: EIGHT OF SWORDS (R)

October 11th, 2014

Good Day Friends,

Today’s Tarot Reading – Reversed Eight of Swords (The Robin Wood Tarot)swords_viii

Message for today: You feel confined by situations, specially mental and psychological. The conflict is internal, thus you must find the courage in you to break the chains that bind you. Some feelings that may have been weighing you down is stress, loneliness, uncertainty, self-doubt, and fear.
Friends and Family may dry their throats trying to help you come out of that dark place, but its YOU who must take the initiative to be positive.
Yes, you are struggling inside to find clarity and its hard to know what is the right thing to do sometimes. But the first step you must take is to accept we all go through hard times, we all have to fight our own battles and we must be strong to overcome what weighs us down. We have in us the Power to bring change to ourselves and other. Listen to your intuitions, do not be afraid to open up your heart and mind to new ideas. Its time – You are Ready.

Question of the day: How do you propose to overcome the negativity that has been slowing your life down? What techniques will you use? how would you motivate yourself? when do you feel enough is enough? What kind of issues are you avoiding?



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