Ace of Cups – Today’s Tarot


A wonderful day to spread your wings and fly. Inhale the sweetness of the air and jump into the freshness of the sea. Today, you open yourself up to new beginnings. Let your emotions ooze out you as your engulf all the beauty life has to offer. What beauty? Today you are surrounded by the beauty of new relationships. As social beings how can this be anything but uplifting. You are ready to take the next step, grow and deepen meaningful relationships that will enhance your emotional life with the joys of love, excitement and support.

Your heart is open to receiving unconditional love and care. You will also go beyond limits to be there for the ones who mean the world to you. Today, love is on your mind, let your emotions, intuitions, creativity and senses flow as you free yourself through expression.

Advice: Go crazy today, Love and be loved. Do what ever our hear desires today – Create art, play music, dance your heart out, bake cookies, paint, draw… let all that energy manifest into beauty in its purest essence. Go out meet new people and make sure you let the ones you have know how much they mean to you. If you are planning on having a new addition to your family – Today is the day to initiate the welcoming process. 


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