Today’s Tarot: SIX OF SWORDS

Six of Swords 1024

Dear Friends,

On this Sunday we have evoked the power in us to accept transition in our lives. We have realized the importance of letting go of the past that has help us back for so long. Yes, it is not easy – its painful to see what all we must leave behind to evolve. Sometimes its the hardest thing to do – sometimes its the dearest to our hearts. Its amazing sometimes how much meaning we pour into the inevitable loss of temporary pleasure. The promises of wishful thinking can enrich our relationships, work, dreams, and the life we are set out to live. Yet, there are times when despite our best effort we must acknowledge the detrimental effect the past and present has on our growth, thus we must move on to a healthy future. This can be as simple as giving up a bad habit or as hard as letting go of a loved one for your well being in the long run.
We are children of mother Earth, she has provided us with the abundance of beauty and love. She nurtures us to become happy souls and when you are in a state of emotional, mental and physical pollution, she pushes you to let go of all the harmful energy and move towards fresh air.

Advice: Do not resist change, its better today than tomorrow dear. Open your soul up to happiness, accept the path towards positive change. I know its hard to let go of your memories, dreams and promises but dear no one is telling you to forget, they will always mean the same to you – but if you allow some space for new to form, you will see the future won’t let you down.


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