Today’s Tarot: Strength


When we are challenged – pushed in the corner, that is when we realize the power of our inner strength. Some may breakdown, some may feel helpless and in the despair of the moment, when all is lost we realize the ultimate truth, “We must help ourselves.” This sole epiphany can break the strongest mental and physical chains we subject ourselves to. Truly, one can only understand or feel what you are going through but to actually know what it will take to overcome, that knowledge resides in you.

Today, enhance your inner strength as you summon the courage and determination to face all that has been holding you back, challenges and obstacles. You must prep your psyche as you search for the fine balance of perseverance and exhaustion. You will notice, you feel confident, strong, brave, understanding and aware of he cause and effect of the actions you plan to administer. You are not stepping back when you know its time to move on – Forward.

You understand the gentle fabric of how kindness and patience on a given matter weaves stronger success than any impulsive attempt to break others as you charge ahead. Ahead we must go, over come we must all that stands in our way – Such is Life. However, the path is walked with your head held high in confidence, inner-strength and love. Do not allow negative emotions to power you – Today is the day of discovering your inner-strength and finding the balance between the yin and yang. Allow the divine in you to overturn the inner-child, as one can only be deemed strong when they have the power in them to overturn their primal instincts through higher conscious/spiritual awareness.

Advice: Allow your words to be kind yet straightforward, touch to be gentle yet firm and most importantly allow your actions to be focused and void of external influences. You know what must be done to move on – Do It. Be Strong. Persevere.


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