Soul Food: Poetry

Dear Friends,

An attempt to express my words ~

The Ancients whisper their old ways
Through the painted scripts in hollow caves
passed down a practice ever learning in nature
wisdom through truth and honor through stature

Worship we do, the elements of life
As alchemists, brewing spells at night
A balance we strive between dark and light
No bliss stronger than the love inside
No hurt painful than a witch in spite

Oh! wise of men and women
The maiden has shared her beauty
Her divine energy in all
A path of practice paved
Blessed we are as we learn

In the garden of lavender we pray
May all positivity encircle our being
As the wind blows through our hair
Sand slip through our fingers
Mist lay over our body
And fire blaze within our souls

Blessed be all who chant melodies
Dance in celebration of you
Blessed be all devoted to teach
The ultimate truth of our ontology
~ Pari Angel


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