Today’s Tarot: THE HERMIT

Dear Friends,robin-wood-04258

Today you welcome a day of solitude, away from the rush of daily demands. A day to analyze the past and plan the future. You seek the truth – knowledge through awareness. You will look inside for answers, the answers have always been with in you. 

Today, you take a break from work, family, friends and obligations. Somewhere inside you feel confused, something in unclear. May be its the path you are walking. You do not understand where your life is going and why you are letting it run its course. There is no clear vision of the future and this knowledge you seek today.  Today relax, think about your life, think about others in your life, think where you wish to be, how can you get there and how it will benefit you and the world around you.

It is a day of discovering ones self in the midst of chaos as you self-teach yourself the values of your existence, meaning of your path and consequences of your actions.



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