Today’s Tarot: The High Priestess

flat,550x550,075,fDear Friends,

As we transition from yesterday to today, we acquire a body of knowledge that helps us understand who we are and how we can live happily in this big scheme of life. If you were able to devote some peaceful time to dig up some needed answers for yourself, you are one step closer. Today, you take the next step, you allow the understanding and insight from your soul-searching to pave a way towards a stable and rewarding future. This must be planned not through your externally learned set of rules that govern right and wrong but your INTUITION.  Today’s card asks you listen to your tuition, trust what you feel is right not what you think is right at this given situation. It is very important to understand that Right and Wrong are relative terms and sometimes their relevance changes, thus listen to your inner self, do not ignore it. All your doubts, uncertainties and decisions can be solved if you calm your mind and listen to your inner voice.

There is so much you will discover about yourself and your life when you allow yourself to listen. 



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