Today’s Tarot: NINE OF STAVES



Life is such that we must stand strong and face our demons. Some may be hiding around the corner and others may be standing right in front of you. Today you live because you fought strong for what you believe in, you fought for your life and your dream. Only you know the battles you have fought and how hard it was to win. Yes, WIN. You have won and now you wait for its fruits to manifest. However, you must be wise as there is rarely a path unmarked with thorns. You will still face adversary, obstacles and struggle but you are required to hold your stand, defend your honor and word. You must be patient as persistence is what is going help you succeed.

Advice: Be Strong, Be Brave. Remember, you may feel beaten down to the point where you may want to give up – Don’t you are at the finish line dear. Just a little bit more patience and perseverance.

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