Learning How to Read Numerology with Tarots


Numerology (The study of Numbers) is a very powerful divination and when merged with Tarot Readings, it broadens our understanding of the universe. It is important to know numbers and what meaning or essence they resonate in a particular reading.

This is a simple educational post that aims to offer you some clarity on how to read numbers in relation with the Tarot.

First, numbers are calculated at its lowest denominator. We must simplify the number to one number or any of 3 master numbers.

Number 0-9, 10, & Master numbers 11, 22, 33.

Lets pick the The Temperance (XIV) = 14 = 1+4 = 5
Or The Devil (XV) = 15 = 1+ 5 = 6

Thus, the Temperance and the Devil resonate the numbers 5 and 6 respectively.

Now, let me share the associated meanings different numbers resonate. You are free to share and add your expertise. Information is derived from personal experience and a pool of knowledge accumulated over time.

Number 0: Infinity, Oneness, Wholeness, Circle of Life
Number 1: Ego, Self, Masculine, Independence, Leadership, Initiative
Number 2: Emotions, Balance, Partnership, Choices, Duality, Female
Number 3: Creativity, Expression, Expansion, Communication, Group
Number 4: Stability, Practicality, Security, Building, Learning, Physical
Number 5: Movement, Change, Challenges, Adventure, Unorthodox
Number 6: Harmony, Luxury, Courage, Love, Family, Compassion
Number 7: Spirituality,Thought, Imagination, Self-Evaluation, Solitude
Number 8: Opportunity, Abundance, Perseverance, Renew
Number 9: Humanitarianism, Selfless, Universal, Near Completion
Number 10: Completion, Fulfillment, Achievement and Perfection

Master Number 11:Is the Master Thinker. Enlightenment through thought and intellect. Spiritual journey. Potential to mentally defy physical boundaries and find balance between the yin-yang, dark-light, physical-spiritual, ignorance-enlightenment.

Master Number 22: Is a Master Builder. The power exist to materialize any idea. To work harder and longer than any limit. Ability to turn any dream into reality. When used with ill-intentions it can bring ones life to the ruins with destruction. Manifestation.

Master Number 33: Is the Master Teacher, the ability to take the qualities of 11 & 22 and spread the knowledge to the universe. The ability to teach, care, guide and part wisdom.

Those who are learning the Tarot, I advice you to incorporate numerology and see how your intuition and mental horizons expand through practice.



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