Today’s Tarot: The Suspended Man

9th april

Today’s Tarot: 9th April 2015 (Suspended Person)

Once in a while in our lives, specially in this fast paced world where everything is a routine and all the running in the world is getting us no where. This card comes up to tell us to calm down. Yes, so much needs your attention but have you stopped to think for a minute. You need your attention, you need a little introspection. Today, wait, think, re-think, and then act. Do not rush, or worry about failure. Right and wrong will present it’s self today. You will uncover some pretty awesome perspectives- which will bring change – a Positive change to you.

Advice: If you think something is just not adding up, not working out – LET GO. Once you let go – you will find another way of looking at it. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice what is dearest to you.


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