The Magick of Salt

Since the dawn of time, every known early civilization has prized “Salt” as a treasured ingredient for ‪#‎Purification‬, ‪#‎Protection‬, ‪#‎Banishing‬ and ‪#‎Healing‬. Salt has the magical power to not only intensify the taste of food in our daily lives but absorb impurities/negativity/psychic attacks.

When you have a sore throat the doctors will tell you to gargle with Salt, because it kills impurities. When marinating meat, you coat it with a pinch of salt to kill bacteria. I give you these examples to show how it has always been a key to our purification.

When dealing with negativity in and around you, it may be in the form of your body, your house, at work, the people around you, curses, bad luck, misfortune and loss; it is important to use the power of Salt.

How to Use the Magickal Power of Salt:
1. To cleanse Yourself (Your energy field/Aura/Chakras) – Bathe with Blessed Salt Water. (Ask how to Bless Salt or you can purchase it from Angelick Readings).
2. To protect your house from harmful visitors – Sprinkle the Perimeter of your House (Mainly across all windows and doors).
3. To Cast a Protected Space – Encircle yourself in a salt circle (During Spellwork it is called “Casting a Circle)
4.To Cleanse your Gemstone/Crystals in a Bed of Salt – Process of Purification
5. To Absorb negativity from the environment/room – Add Salt in a bowl and place it in 1 or 4 corners of the room.
6. To Purify the Food that nourishes your Body and Health – Wash Fruits and Vegetables with Salt water.

Advise: As we all know too much salt consumption is harmful for the body, so is it to your mind and psychic. Recommended interval of cleansing is weakly. You may do so daily, if you feel it is necessary. For Additional Spiritual Advice, Please Contact Psychic PariAngel at Angelick Readings
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