Soul Food: Poetry

Dear Friends,

An attempt to express my words ~

The Ancients whisper their old ways
Through the painted scripts in hollow caves
passed down a practice ever learning in nature
wisdom through truth and honor through stature

Worship we do, the elements of life
As alchemists, brewing spells at night
A balance we strive between dark and light
No bliss stronger than the love inside
No hurt painful than a witch in spite

Oh! wise of men and women
The maiden has shared her beauty
Her divine energy in all
A path of practice paved
Blessed we are as we learn

In the garden of lavender we pray
May all positivity encircle our being
As the wind blows through our hair
Sand slip through our fingers
Mist lay over our body
And fire blaze within our souls

Blessed be all who chant melodies
Dance in celebration of you
Blessed be all devoted to teach
The ultimate truth of our ontology
~ Pari Angel


Soul Food: The Beauty of Darkness

In Darkness Illuminates the Brightest of Light


The beauty of life is in the strength we possess to wade through the dark times. We curse at it’s arrival and pray for its leave. Yet, we hardly appreciate its presence, the lessons it teaches us, the truth it shows us and its ability to inspire our realization of the delicacy of happiness.

I must say if we never realize what it means to feel hurt, betrayed, loss, exposed, taken advantage of or even depressed; how are we ever going to find bliss in love, care, hope, support, success, and happiness. It is odd to think we deserve to go through hardship, only for life to teach us how to be grateful for the little things that put a smile on our face. I guess, life’s mysterious ways are not taught by parents, peers or school but by our daily encounters that are so perfectly played out. Sometimes, our mind begs us to call it destiny’s web of events. 

Since we learn so much from sorting through chaotic turmoils, most of our lives are filled with ever changing ratios of happiness and sadness. I can not help but wonder, why is it necessary? 

The answer lies in learning the ability to tell the difference between good and bad, and guide our future choices towards harmony. Harmony is the state of mind, the aura we emit despite the hardship life throws at us. Harmony is the light we learn to live in, when times are dark. Darkness is the only key to unlocking our inner strength to fight for happiness. 

Let me tell you, I appreciate the little things in life. I appreciate the gift of the present and I am always grateful for the opportunities and people in my life, who have given me so much to live for. But, with happiness and harmony comes the inevitable fear of uncertainty because you know its not over yet. Life has so much more to offer and you know not everything is going to be rosy. What I personally fear the most, is losing what means the most to me. Yes, dark times have taught me how to recognize reality and be thankful for the love I have in my life but I can not deny the fear it has installed in me. Who knows what I have to lose, to learn my next lesson.




Soul Food: Gayatri Mantra – A step towards enlightenment

The Gayatri Mantra (chant) is the most versatile rhythm that has withstood time. This mantra has been passed down over centuries and is the source of all knowledge. This chant cleanses your aura, enriches your inner light and allows your mind the ability to welcome the truth about our being and the universe.

The Veda’s (Vedic books of ancient knowledge) has held sacred the gayatri mantra for its power to enlighten us in becoming seers of truth and cognize the universe – its divine existence of bliss at the heart of samsaric chaos.

The Mantraomgayatri

The universe as a whole is a collective essence and in that sense, when you chant the Gayatri Mantra while meditating, you tap into the collective energy that has been accumulated over time. When you chant the verse, you contribute to the powerful vibrations and become a receiver of positive energy. The words of the mantra showers upon you its blessings and ultimately your mind illuminates with wisdom. This wisdom helps you break through the earthly chains and awakens your mind to the understanding of the spiritual world around you.

Aum/OM the ultimate vibration that attunes you to the universe, helps your mind and body open up to resonance. Once, you are welcoming, the mantra will cleanse your mind and body from all the materialistic stress that has your free spirit chained down. After your spirit is free, it lives in the ultimate “present” spiritually, you start understanding the design of the universe, your purpose in life, the meaning of your existence and where it falls on the vast spectrum of the universe.


This does not happen over night, It is advised to chant the mantra 108 times a day for 40 days. If you are short on time, chant it at dawn, dusk and night to maintain the flow of past, present, future or in other words the birth, being and death. Accommodate this mantra in your spiritual journey, generations of positive energy projected through its vibrations helps you grow spiritually. Hindu priests use this mantra to banish mental  blocks and obstacles from their life’s journey. Most importantly, the vibrations cleanses all our body chakras and aligns them to the original balance of the universe.

There are many books and articles on the Gayatri Mantra that may help you gain a better understanding of its origin and its power.

Personal Advice: I personally find the mantra a beautiful guide, it uplifts my spirit, cleanses my mind and brings peace. I love to meditate on it and thought you might be interested in it too.

If you would like to listen to it for a better understanding of the feel and pronunciation : I found a YouTube video I liked     CLICK HERE.

Soul Food: Contemplation at a Cross-road


When you are standing at a cross-road in life, and there is no one at sight to offer you a little bit of direction, where do you turn?

Life isn’t a linear path, though we wish it was. Everything would be easier; the past, present and future would be predictable to an extent, and change would in our hands. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. The stairs are always moving and you never know which door it takes you to. There is no guarantee on anything, and the inevitable change pulls you with its course just makes things worse. 

Its not easy for us to cope with sudden change, its not easy for us to choose a path when we are clueless where these roads take us. So my question, when you are all alone and contemplating an answer to choose, a path to pick, a door to open, who do you turn to?

I feel we are forced to find the answers within us, left to trust our instincts, reasoning and logic. Can we actually trust ourselves, have we been able to make the best choices for ourselves so far, do we even know what we truly desire and is our desire a mere ploy of our imagination or a path to enlightenment? Can we trust our own judgement?

A judgement must be made, so the chances are we have to risk it. There is no certain answer – there never has been. Guidance has only offered wisdom, not a sense of security. You have never been secure, every step has always been a risk – A risk towards the unknown.

Soul Food: A little wandering of the wondering mind.


Now and then, usually when ever I find little pockets of time, I wonder about the life I create for myself.  Lately, I have been wondering about what life offers most of us, all of its ups and downs in a great sense of ultimate purpose. Most of the time, life feels like a busy New York lane, jammed up with yellow and red lights. There is always a sense of caution, I guess you never know when you might have to stop. We wouldn’t want to fall face flat into the unknown now would we? Who knows what might happen if we actually crossed the red light – took the step beyond all those years of conforming to societal norms. Just imagining freeing ourselves from these karmic chains, has my insides tingle. How nice would it be living in a world where innocence governs our heart and actions. 


I feel we create chaos and then try to solve them, where has our ancestral wisdom gone? Is it lost in transition?

Very rarely I read a palm of a person who is living their dream, and its almost impossible to find a person whose astrological starts are aligned in harmony with one another. Makes me wonder about all the struggles we are born to face, no wonder we grow through the battles we fight.

– PariAngel


Writing your heart is healing to the soul

Most of the writing I do is in my head. By the time I have found a pen and paper, it has drifted away through time and space. Only a haze of thought and may be a few feelings remain.

When I was young, I used to write diaries. Sometimes, they still take me back in time and the world becomes nostalgic. Often times,  I wonder through a much matured eye, how innocent the world is to a naive heart. A pure heart and a gullible mind can easily fall prey to our world of mischiefs.

You never really understand why you are always battered into conforming to others’ idea’s of how life should be untill you are bruised enough to let go of everything, and just start fresh with a bitter outlook.

I believe we are born in peace, with love in our hearts, beauty in our eyes and kindness in our touch. We are nutured in a world that has lost its morals, wisdom, respect and culture. Unfortunately,  we learn to survive in this world and forfeit our true nature.

I suppose, one day when our soles are splintered and souls are lost – we search the “Truth” of life in hope it will lead us back to where we started.

– PariAngel♥