Forgiveness is a journey we all must take part in at some point in our life. Its a journey of self healing and is definitely not an easy path to walk, neither it is natural to forgive ourselves and others from the guilt, pain, resentment and bitterness etched on our hearts.
Forgiveness is about YOU. Your life, your heart, your health – ALL YOU.
Holding on to what has hurt you – Keeps your mind, body and soul filled with negativity. It festers and rots, as it digs deeper into you over time. The longer you let it live in you, the harder it is to let go.
Here “Let go” does not mean you “forget”, neither does it mean “you excuse the act”.
However, what I want you to “Let go” of what is blocking you from experiencing a peaceful and happy future.
Forgiveness is a way of thought, its a part of positive living.

Some positive affects of Forgiveness are:
Healthier relationships
Greater spiritual and psychological well-being
Less anxiety, stress and hostility
Lower blood pressure
Fewer symptoms of depression
Stronger immune system
Improved heart health
Higher self-esteem

How to Forgive?
1. First, take the time to acknowledge the adverse effects of holding on to the grudge has brought on you and your life.

2. Second, you must actively set your mind and heart to Forgive with the understanding of how it benefits your life and those who you love.

3. Take control of your life, let go of the Victim – Offender Power relationship. Do not allow anyone to have power over your thoughts, feelings and future.

4. Express: Write your feelings, wants and wishes. Both negative and positive. Write every small detail on a piece of paper or a journal. Let it all go on paper and when you are ready, you are truly ready – Burn it. Let the fire engulf all that was expressed and release you of what has so long occupied you.

5. Live a Happier and Healthier Life.



Today’s Tarot: The Suspended Man

9th april

Today’s Tarot: 9th April 2015 (Suspended Person)

Once in a while in our lives, specially in this fast paced world where everything is a routine and all the running in the world is getting us no where. This card comes up to tell us to calm down. Yes, so much needs your attention but have you stopped to think for a minute. You need your attention, you need a little introspection. Today, wait, think, re-think, and then act. Do not rush, or worry about failure. Right and wrong will present it’s self today. You will uncover some pretty awesome perspectives- which will bring change – a Positive change to you.

Advice: If you think something is just not adding up, not working out – LET GO. Once you let go – you will find another way of looking at it. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice what is dearest to you.

Event: Global Spell for Innovative Success 18th April 2014

April Spell

Dear Friends,

On the 17th of April 2015 , On the New Moon in Aries I am offering you the opportunity to add your name to the “Spell of  Innovative Prosperity” I am casting with the intention to increase financial wealth and prosperity by bringing success in the endeavors you take. In this economy, the average man and woman is struggling for financial stability. We are all settling in for low paid jobs, instead of pursuing what we wish. Our minds are filled with creativity and innovation, our heart burn with the desire to express. Yet there is no platform, no outlet for us to take a step forward. We are over worked, exhausted and imprisoned inside our own mind by our own society.
I believe its time for the step towards change, and thus I cast this Global Spell for the Universe to aid all of us on our path in creating a better tomorrow.

The more you help others, the more you help yourself find a better world around you. Positive Karma will bring what is ours to us.

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Today’s Tarot: Eight of Wands for 6th April 2015

Today’s Tarot: 6th April 2015

Dear Friends,
Today you will be surrounded by swiftness. High paced environment and your soul will be on fire. So as you hit deadlines, and try to get everything done in one day. Make sure to wear protective gear, I do not want you bumping into things on your way. Never the less, it will be a smooth day of Action. I see you accomplishing many, more than you have expected to finish today. Unexpected news may come your way and you will act on it FAST. Do not Haste though, neither should you let the moment pass. It sounds a bit tricky right, but trust in yourself – you will know when the moment is right.

6th april advice

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Today’s Tarot: TWO of CUPS – Bonding


Today is a day to cherish what you have, your friends, family, colleges, and pets – Anyone who makes your life more meaningful is worth the love, care and support.

The Two of Cups, tell you today is a day of strengthening your relationship (emotional) bonds, it may be in the form of celebration.
Relationships may be personal or professional, today you will celebrate it to enhance its commitment. This is an indication of either marriage, engagement, party, or just rejoicing in each others company.

Today is also a day of deep love, attraction and getting together, I wont be surprised if you have dates planned out with your special one. You may also be considering on how to take the relationship further. It is truly a beautiful day to live, love and laugh.


Tarot: Shadowscape

Today’s Tarot: EIGHT OF WANDS



Today is a day of sudden movement. BE alert. You may receive unexpected news. You may have to make sudden decisions. If you were planning on making a decision, today is the day. Though you must not rush into anything, time is now. If you are at the verge of completion, today you will experience a swift closure. Today, sudden plans to travel may also arise. 

A good day to look forwards positive gifts and a day of action.


Today’s Tarot: The Empress


Dear Friends,

A beautiful day to enjoy ones inner and external beauty. You will be surrounded by emotional fulfillment, love, and nurture.
A sense of mother earth’s love surrounds you, as you see beauty and serenity around you today. A wonderful day to start new relationships, to bond and rejoice in each others company. Be ready to welcome openhearted new emotional bonds in your life.

You will be there for your loved ones as a support. It is a day to bring our your femininity and walk in the light of mother Gaia.


Today’s Tarot: Reversed Ten of Swords


Good Day Friends,

A day of caution ahead, though brightness is promised at the end of the tunnel and your emotional and mental burdens have become lighter by the day, you are still in the progress of transformation. Everyone is dealing with their own demons, you have been fighting hard and long for a little bit of hope, happiness and peace. I am sure the exhaustion has got you down on the floor feeling stabbed to pieces. It is not easy standing up and fighting lost battles repeatedly, you deserve a loving hug and big pat on the back for such brave and strong souls you are. This card sends out the message that, time has come for change from the painful past, weather it is a complicated relationship, work situation, financial decision or life’s path in general. It is time to learn from what was and decorate what is with a better outlook of what will be. Its is not easy to leave behind walk away from the promises you made to yourself and others, however you must not delay this process. The decision may be hard on your existing life but it is inevitable. Embrace the change, let go what is not yours to carry and move on with nothing but your wisdom and experience. These are the two things no one can take from you – Ever.

Inability to accept a new beginning will not enrich your life with opportunities. You must realize it is time to mentally counsel yourself for the upcoming future. Failure to do so, will have you stuck in the hopeless and painful situation you are presently dealing with. More importantly, success will be short lasted and a weak mind will lead you back to square one.


Today’s Tarot: NINE OF STAVES



Life is such that we must stand strong and face our demons. Some may be hiding around the corner and others may be standing right in front of you. Today you live because you fought strong for what you believe in, you fought for your life and your dream. Only you know the battles you have fought and how hard it was to win. Yes, WIN. You have won and now you wait for its fruits to manifest. However, you must be wise as there is rarely a path unmarked with thorns. You will still face adversary, obstacles and struggle but you are required to hold your stand, defend your honor and word. You must be patient as persistence is what is going help you succeed.

Advice: Be Strong, Be Brave. Remember, you may feel beaten down to the point where you may want to give up – Don’t you are at the finish line dear. Just a little bit more patience and perseverance.

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Today’s Tarot: The High Priestess

flat,550x550,075,fDear Friends,

As we transition from yesterday to today, we acquire a body of knowledge that helps us understand who we are and how we can live happily in this big scheme of life. If you were able to devote some peaceful time to dig up some needed answers for yourself, you are one step closer. Today, you take the next step, you allow the understanding and insight from your soul-searching to pave a way towards a stable and rewarding future. This must be planned not through your externally learned set of rules that govern right and wrong but your INTUITION.  Today’s card asks you listen to your tuition, trust what you feel is right not what you think is right at this given situation. It is very important to understand that Right and Wrong are relative terms and sometimes their relevance changes, thus listen to your inner self, do not ignore it. All your doubts, uncertainties and decisions can be solved if you calm your mind and listen to your inner voice.

There is so much you will discover about yourself and your life when you allow yourself to listen. 


Today’s Tarot: THE HERMIT

Dear Friends,robin-wood-04258

Today you welcome a day of solitude, away from the rush of daily demands. A day to analyze the past and plan the future. You seek the truth – knowledge through awareness. You will look inside for answers, the answers have always been with in you. 

Today, you take a break from work, family, friends and obligations. Somewhere inside you feel confused, something in unclear. May be its the path you are walking. You do not understand where your life is going and why you are letting it run its course. There is no clear vision of the future and this knowledge you seek today.  Today relax, think about your life, think about others in your life, think where you wish to be, how can you get there and how it will benefit you and the world around you.

It is a day of discovering ones self in the midst of chaos as you self-teach yourself the values of your existence, meaning of your path and consequences of your actions.


Today’s Tarot: Strength


When we are challenged – pushed in the corner, that is when we realize the power of our inner strength. Some may breakdown, some may feel helpless and in the despair of the moment, when all is lost we realize the ultimate truth, “We must help ourselves.” This sole epiphany can break the strongest mental and physical chains we subject ourselves to. Truly, one can only understand or feel what you are going through but to actually know what it will take to overcome, that knowledge resides in you.

Today, enhance your inner strength as you summon the courage and determination to face all that has been holding you back, challenges and obstacles. You must prep your psyche as you search for the fine balance of perseverance and exhaustion. You will notice, you feel confident, strong, brave, understanding and aware of he cause and effect of the actions you plan to administer. You are not stepping back when you know its time to move on – Forward.

You understand the gentle fabric of how kindness and patience on a given matter weaves stronger success than any impulsive attempt to break others as you charge ahead. Ahead we must go, over come we must all that stands in our way – Such is Life. However, the path is walked with your head held high in confidence, inner-strength and love. Do not allow negative emotions to power you – Today is the day of discovering your inner-strength and finding the balance between the yin and yang. Allow the divine in you to overturn the inner-child, as one can only be deemed strong when they have the power in them to overturn their primal instincts through higher conscious/spiritual awareness.

Advice: Allow your words to be kind yet straightforward, touch to be gentle yet firm and most importantly allow your actions to be focused and void of external influences. You know what must be done to move on – Do It. Be Strong. Persevere.

Today’s Tarot: SIX OF SWORDS

Six of Swords 1024

Dear Friends,

On this Sunday we have evoked the power in us to accept transition in our lives. We have realized the importance of letting go of the past that has help us back for so long. Yes, it is not easy – its painful to see what all we must leave behind to evolve. Sometimes its the hardest thing to do – sometimes its the dearest to our hearts. Its amazing sometimes how much meaning we pour into the inevitable loss of temporary pleasure. The promises of wishful thinking can enrich our relationships, work, dreams, and the life we are set out to live. Yet, there are times when despite our best effort we must acknowledge the detrimental effect the past and present has on our growth, thus we must move on to a healthy future. This can be as simple as giving up a bad habit or as hard as letting go of a loved one for your well being in the long run.
We are children of mother Earth, she has provided us with the abundance of beauty and love. She nurtures us to become happy souls and when you are in a state of emotional, mental and physical pollution, she pushes you to let go of all the harmful energy and move towards fresh air.

Advice: Do not resist change, its better today than tomorrow dear. Open your soul up to happiness, accept the path towards positive change. I know its hard to let go of your memories, dreams and promises but dear no one is telling you to forget, they will always mean the same to you – but if you allow some space for new to form, you will see the future won’t let you down.